What's on Sunday Bandstand this week...? - 19 April - here's a little bit of a taster

Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by ChrisHelme, Apr 16, 2015.

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    Hello Everyone - another great show coming up on Sunday - some great bands both from the past and the present and some real archive performances:- We kick off with a great Jonny Richards march 'Home Coming' - How many can remember the Coventry School of Music Band from the 1970s, well, I have a Cole Porter track from a 1976 recording of the band, back in the days when its founder Len Pepper was MD. The 2015 national finals test piece for the 1st section Kenneth Hesketh's The Alchymist's Journal - this promises to be a real tester.Great solos from William Rushworth, Mark Wilkinson, Steven Mead, Two Euphonium players from the 1969 Scottish CWS band play the Reginald Heath solo Andante and Scherzo and two cornet players from 1980 rattle off a dazzling duet. With a couple of bands from USA and The Netherlands, two massed band performances from 1987 and 1977 - it all promises to be a show not to be missed. ... The Mixcloud link to the show will be on here Sunday evening / or Monday morning - if you want it sent direct to you send me your e-mail to bandstand@chrishelme.org.uk

    Don't miss it....

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