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  1. Di

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    I'm looking for some suggestions. In organisations sporting more than one band, what do you call, say, the middle band. Hathern is an organisation of three bands, "The Hathern Band", "Hathern B" and "Hathern Training Band". The Hathern B band is a contesting band in the fourth section and has recently started looking at the idea of changing from being the "B" band. There has been the suggestion that it be called the "Hathern Youth Band", but approximately a third of the band are ... well, ... mature members. ;) So, if you've more than one band in your organisation, what do you call the second band?
  2. DaveR

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    Our second band is called the Sandhurst Community Training Band - and they have just started doing their own gigs! :clap:
  3. bandcampgal

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    We had the same problem at Pemberton!
    I was in the B band when it formed, and we decided on 'B' because it was the easiest option. We toyed with the idea of being called Pemberton Silver Band but decided the this might make us sound second rate.
    The only difficulty we have with the name is that Pemberton (as in the top section band) end up being labelled the 'A' band (which is the most sensible but not the true name), the senior band (which isn't technically right when some members of the B Band or older!)or the main band (which to me sounds condescending to the B Band who are a good band in their own right!).
    I also find the full name of the youth band (Pemberton Old Wigan JJB Youth Band is a bit confusing - Old... Youth?!)

    Good luck with the name changing, it will b interesting to see what people come up with!
  4. jingleram

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    What's the name of the bandroom the 'B band' rehearses in? Could incorporate that into the title...or alternatively try and find some local business sponsorship with the promise of using their name in the title!!
  5. Di

    Di Active Member

    You've just about summed up our problem in a nutshell. ;)

    We have our own custom built band room, so no go there, but good try. ;) As for sponsorship! Its worth a try. :)
  6. IanHeard

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    How about Hathern Concert Brass?
    Seems to work for the YBS set-up.
    Good Luck!
    P.S. Woodfalls use this title too.
  7. postie

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    One idea possibly is to call it Hathern Youth Brass. But on second thoughts that might not work as if you say a third of the band are mature members it might cause a problem. Definately something to ponder!!!
  8. matt_BBb_bass

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    we have a senior band, B band, Youth band, senior youth band which is made up of all the player a bit older but under 20 and then a junior band
  9. super_sop

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    If it were me, id stay away from "youth " band, it puts off so many mature starters its unbelievable.
    as for the name
    could you not swap the names, have the B band as the training band, and call the others the begginer band?

    in efect, the training band is doing just that, geeting the stronger players used to playing in different situations. Training for the A band
  10. Anno Draconis

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    Any variation on Hathern Community/Concert/Brass seems good to me - works for YBS as Kirmat says, and Woodfalls. I would suggest you need to keep the Hathern name so that people know the bands are associated. Also I've always liked the name of the Woodbridge Excelsior band; what about some sort of similar inspirational/aspirational suffix (a bit like football teams)? Hathern Excelsior Brass? or Endeavour?

    Also I found this on the village website (yes, I know I'm sad) about the "Wicked Hathern" Brewery:

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]"The name is inspired by comments made by a 19th century clergyman, the Revd Edward Thomas March Philips, Rector of Hathern from 1808 for 51 years. Fed up with the cock fighting and drunken brawls in the graveyard, he referred to Hathern as “a barbaric place and a cage for every unclean beast”. The village has been known locally as Wicked Hathern ever since."[/FONT]

    Wicked Hathern Brass? Hathern Barbarians Band? :D Cockfighting inspired the "Hotspur" part of Tottenham Hotspur, so what about Hathern Hotspur Brass?

    OK I'm getting a bit silly now.
  11. Dave 2nd2nd Cornet

    Dave 2nd2nd Cornet Active Member

    In my own opinion, for what it is worth, what is the problem with your Intermediate band being titled B band. Hathern Band are, and any other band in the same situation, very fortunate to be the position to boast 3 bands in there organisation and any such name changes would in theory dis-associate the 3 bands.
    If it ain't broken, don't try to fix it:)
  12. Di

    Di Active Member

    They have no intentions of trying to disassociation themselves from Hathern or the organisation. :) I perhaps didn't make myself fully clear in my explanation, they're looking to just replace the "B". :)
  13. PeterBale

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    What about using the term Dave used in his post above - Hathern Intermediate Band That identifies it as a bridge between the training band and the main "A" band, whilst not excluding any older players in the way that "youth" would do.
  14. MoominDave

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    Wantage have zillions of bands in their organisation; last time I looked they labelled themselves

    Wantage Band
    Wantage B Band
    Wantage Concert Brass
    Wantage Youth Band
    Wantage Junior Brass
    Wantage Training Band
    Wantage Adult Beginners Band

    Historically, the top band was called "Wantage A", but they decided that that was a bit silly. I don't know why they thought that. When I started learning with them (late 80s), it was 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D', plus beginners. I do know that they have debated a lot over the years on which band should be called what, mostly due to an overlap in standards between players who want to contest and players who don't, which is not, I think, an issue for Hathern, as the situation seems less complicated, with only three groups, whose functions seem well separated. Personally, I'd tell them to stop being silly, worrying about unimportant things, and get on to practise enough to join the top band!
  15. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    You could try 'Hathern District Band' maybe?
  16. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    hmmm..... I looked on Wikipedia just now.... and it says Hathern is in the Charnwood district of Leicestershire.... what about the Charnwood (Hathern) Band? I rather like the I the idea of Hathern Excelsior or Hathern Endevour Brass though.... they sound so cool!

    P.S. the B Band are a lovely bunch of people... I enjoyed that rehearsal... it was aaaaages ago now wasn't it? :tongue:
  17. Di

    Di Active Member

    There used to be a band called the Charnwood Band and now the's Leicestershire Co-op Snibston Charnwood Band.

    Some great suggestions coming out of this though. So far, lets see:

    Hathern Endeavour
    Hathern Excelsior
    Hathern District
    Hathern Borough
    Hathern Concert
    Hathern Community
    Hathern Intermediate

    :tup Some food for thought there. Keep 'em coming. ;)
  18. persins

    persins Member

    Doh. Beaten to it!!

    ...Concert Brass does indeed work with two bands in the same area!
  19. Will the Sec

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    Hathern - TNG :rolleyes:
  20. HBB

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    Why do you always make suggestions that no one will understand?