Whats happened at Sellers youth?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by towse1972, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. towse1972

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    There in lies my question. What exactly has happened? Seems that it's come as a surprise but has there been any underhandedness?
    Such a shame to see that DA has folded the youth band after folding the senior band a few years back.
    I hope the band can continue to thrive in whatever new form/name it takes.:)
  2. Anno Draconis

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    My youngest is in the training band (the "Mighty Oaks"). Here's what training band parents were told - by someone on the band committee. David Armitage has decided to stop financially supporting the youth band and as a result it can't be "Sellers International" any more; no explanation but I guess it's his money, and times are hard. The band committee has decided to tie in with Hammonds and rename as the Hammonds Youth Band. Alex will be finishing as conductor at the end of feb, no explanation given. A replacement conductor for the new Hammonds Youth Band will be recruited in due course. Jamie Smith will remain as conductor of the "Mighty Oaks". Rehearsals will remain in the Sellers building, which is a space currently shared with Hammonds Saltaire in any case. This will apparently present more opportunities for members of Hammonds to tutor the youth band members.

    That's everything we were told. Obviously that leaves a number of questions unanswered (why AK is leaving for instance) but on the face of it nothing seems underhand. I've seen a number of Facebook posts implying that there's more to it, but with no explanations or details given. As a subs-paying parent, obviously if something dodgy has gone on I would like to know about it, but I've been in banding long enough to know that quite often there can be smoke without fire, especially if someone has a personal axe to grind or just fancies a bit of a poo-stir.

    If there's something to be said I'd quite like it out in the open so the parents and players can form a judgement, but (and this isn't directed at you Donna, you've just given me the opportunity to say it!) - if there's nothing underhand happened it would be a disgrace for the band to be harmed by snide implications and innuendo.
  3. mikelyons

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    From her postings on Facebook, it seems Alex was in the dark as well!
  4. Anno Draconis

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    Given that her departure was announced last night, that doesn't imply a mutually agreed amiable resignation, then. Would be nice to know what's going on, exactly...
  5. towse1972

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    I should imagine that wages would be a factor. Hammonds are now responsible for the finances of the youth band so I suppose the money that DA pumped into the youth band is gone. I assume Someone from the Hammonds organisation will be taking on extra conducting/management responsibilities for the youth band. It's sad to see the end of the Sellers support but at least DA has been kind enough to let them keep the assets. Onwards and upwards is what I wish for this group. We need our youth scene to carry on flourishing.