What's Happened at Fodens?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Frontman, May 21, 2010.

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    They'll bounce back. With surprising, and exciting, replacements on the Conducting front. No doubt. Shame about Garry though. Excellent man.
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    Gosh! That was kept quiet. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to know what probably went on tho
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    What do you know that probably might have possibly gone on?
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    I certainly do not want to "stiffle the debate", but since we have some experience with similar situations happening in other bands, I would like to advise everyone to refrain from guessing and gossiping as much as possible. Thank you ;)

    Having said that, I wish the band all the best finding a new md and soprano. I had heard they were planning a trip to Belgium somewhere in the future. I will certainly be there to see them when they are over here!
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    SPOT ON ITS FODENS BUISNESS its all part of banding let them geton with it
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    Debates are always best left un-stiffled....:biggrin:
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    Don't think they need to look very far to find their sop :)
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    I agree, it's Foden's business - people should stop stirring the you know what, look after their own you know what and keep their noses out of ........etc etc!!
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    I totally agree with the above statements about Fodens business being their own. I do find it hard to reconcile this with the fact that a lot of bands / individuals are quite happy to report or have reported the tiniest event even remotely connected with them in order to drum up publicity, whilst at the same time expecting privacy when the publicity isn't so desirable. I do not imply that Fodens in this instance are guilty of that, and I also have absolutely no interest in the whys and wherefores of the "events". It is a big story and fact x importance = news. (I will own up to robbing that from The Day Today)
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    That's the beauty of internet forums I s'pose:

    Iif people want to talk about it they do, if they don't...they don't.
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    Ive no interest in scandle but i do suppose its news and to us people in the banding world we read and participate in forums like this to keep abreast of whats happening in the banding world.Clear statements from the people involved are the easy way to stop those looking for scandle in there tracks
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    The difference is of course, that when a band sends out a press release, it usually is true, or at least there shouldn't be any made-up gossip in it... :rolleyes:
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    I apologise in advance for this reply, but the comittee at Foden's consider the matter "closed" and surely it should be left there. Band politics have been responsible for many a band member leaving a band and sadly many a band closing down. There are real people involved in this and surely our mods should be taking this into consideration when allowing posts like this one to take place.
    I am sure Garry and Foden's have their reasons, but it is their business and not ours.
    Sorry once again, but it had to be said.
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    Very well said agree 100% with you
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    Its been said before on this forum. Fodens are one of the biggest names in banding so any major news concerning them is bound to generate chat on the internet forums. If Wayne Rooney were to be signed by Inter would we be urged not to talk about it because its Man Utd's business. I think not. The point is those at the very top must expect a certain amount of interest, dare I say gossip, from the rest of us chattering classes. Goes with the territory as they say.

    Personally speaking, I don't give a hoot who conducts or plays sop with Fodens.
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    We went through a very similar scenario not so long back with Grimethorpe and Roger Webster, you have to expect some interest when events that may be considered 'controversial' in the top bands occur
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    Leave them to it I say, it's just banding, same at every level, people come and go for various reasons, leave the band to sort it.