What's a person worth?

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  1. still learnin

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    Should their be a limit on what an individual is paid (or earns for themselves)?

    My house and car are worth as much as somebody else will pay for them? Should that be true of people as well.

    Over to you "Red" Elvis. LOL ;)
  2. Leyfy

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    You might have to wait for him to get home from work for an in-depth answer to this one ;)
  3. Red Elvis

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    He He !!!

    I refer you to the theory of "surplus labour" ( and particular the appropriation thereof by the capitalist class ).

    Read , mark , learn and inwardly digest !! There will be an exam later :)
  4. Red Elvis

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    If wading through dense articles on political economy is not your thing ( and , seminal work that Das Kapital was / is by heck its a tedious read !! ) then my simple view is that a persons net worth is defined by what they contribute to society / the greater good ( although how you measure it is another thing entirely !! ) , either through the direct fruits of their labour or in the taxes that they pay.

    Over on the other thread http://www.themouthpiece.com/vb/showthread.php?t=42059&page=10 there are some interesting points being made , particularly of late where the conversation has turned to the issue of benefits / minimum wage. Still learnin , Thirteenball , DMBabe and others are putting some good points over for discussion.

    Where does this fit in with the concept of "surplus value " ?- essentially that one needs to be in the position of being able to make an economic / societal contribution through work ( however one defines that "work" ) or fiscal contribution.

    To me , the worthless ( in a marxist sense ) are those that , by definition , do not contribute or deliberately make a conscious decision not to and are happy to live off the appropriated surplus labour of all those that do .

    I do not include in this category those who find themselves on the minimum wage after redundancy , or are perhaps lacking in qualifications but who want to work and improve their lot , and I acknowledge that the benefits system as it is does not make low paid work a viable alternative in some cases here and some work needs to be done by government in addressing this conundrum , either in the form of increasing minimum wage or a transitional period of benefits once in work ( will be interesting to see how todays proposals from the gubmint work out in reality ). I also do not include in this category those that are claiming bebefits whilst making every effort to look for work and find themselves frustrated by geographical / financial or other complications ( fair play to our own Stella Johnson who took herself off to Leeds when she was made redundant but I appreciate that not everyone would be in a similar position to do likewise and I run the risk of sounding a bit Norman Tebbit otherwise !! )

    I do however have a real issue with those content to milk the system for everything its worth , and make no effort to find work at all whilst moaning about jobs being taken by others. This is probably an instance where I am so far left I'm meeting myself on the right !!! As far as I am concerned , come the glorious day this class will share the same fate as the gilded aristocrat and bloated capitalist exploiters !!
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  5. still learnin

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    I agree (I think)

    So no upper limit on earnings if the boss thinks you're worth it? :tup Could this be where meritocracy and marxism meet!!!
  6. johnmartin

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    I'm worth a quarter mill a year.

    Pity the boss doesn't agree....
  7. andywooler

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    Finally we agree on something! (Would you like my copy of today's Daily Mail when I've finished with it?;))
  8. Red Elvis

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    Glad we are getting there !!!
    However your offer of a daily mail may neccesitate a short spell in a re-education camp come the day !! :)
  9. still learnin

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    Wondering if I should change my name to "still blue"? Ha :D
  10. Bayerd

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    Hands up how many of you know conductors/adjudicators in this category.......

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