Whatever happened to Kennedy Swinton Concert Brass?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by nickjones, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. nickjones

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    Just doing some reasearch on bands that have folded , and the reasons why....also whatever happened to the assets belonging to the band ( music , instruments , photographs , awards etc. ) , who were there trustees of the band , were there any plans to reform the band?
    there have been too many bands fold over the past few years , what can we do to stop this trend in Bands just shutting up shop.
    I hope someone out there can help.
  2. onedrummeruk

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    Swinton Concert Brass
    Started life as a local Scout and Guide Band many years ago. It didn't really have a proper name then but developed into "Youth Town Brass" when local schoolchildren began joining. Eventually, they all grew up and some older people joined and it was decided that the 'Youth' wasn't really suitable, so the committee decided on Swinton Concert Brass. Sponsorship changed the name to "Kennedy's Swinton Concert" and they went on to win the British Open in 1989. When the sponsorship ended it went back to Swinton Concert Brass. (source: Heather Smyth- one of the two founder members)

    taken from the Extinct Brass Band section of
  3. Was that David King's project before YBS?
  4. amgray

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    David King was conducting Kennedy's while playing second man down at Dyke.

    In between Kennedy's and YBS he conducted Dyke of course. I have a vague recollection of him being briefly associated with Grimethorpe, can someone else fill in the detail?
  5. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    is there anyone on TMP who is a former member of K.S.C.B who can help?
  6. drummerboy

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    I think he also conducted Manger in Norway after Dyke (and before YBS). Not heard of the Grimey connection, so can't help you there I'm afraid!
  7. AndyCat

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    I played with Swinton just as DK moved to Dyke. Mark Condon took over as conductor (formerly on bass bone), whilst Bob MacDowell, former Radio 2 and Listen to the band producer took over Bass trom.

    The band lost it's funding from Kennedys and folded, with a lot of the music and instruments etc (if not all) being bought by local bands. I think most bands in the area bought something!

    This is only what I remember, as I'd moved to Fodens by this time, so don't shoot me down if it's not 100%! :?
  8. Anonymous_user

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    Whatever happened to Kennedys Swinton band

    David King has only ever taken Grimethorpe on the odd rehearsal.
    After Swinton David took over at Dyke (Bet they wished they had kept him) then he took a break from UK Banding before he started his stint at YBS.
  9. Brassbones

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    Re: Whatever happened to Kennedys Swinton band

    I believe it was ONE rehearsal, although Mark would know better. I've heard a few amusing anecdotes about this rehearsal as well, involving the one and only Mr. Walters!! Don’t think the moderators would appreciate me typing it out here though :wink:

    Anyway, back to Swinton!

    Nick, I was involved for a few months back in 92 'ish :? The two people to talk to about Swinton and its unfortunate end would be stalwarts Barry Parkinson and Jeff Norris. These guys turned the lights off and locked the door. Neither of them are involved in banding anymore but both are good mates. If you drop me a PM I’ll get a message to them.
  10. toby hobson

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    swinton band R.I.P!!!!!!!!!

    I was a member of Swinton Band at the very end and a sad day it was when due to financial problems and difficulties attracting players, the band had to fold. A long time before i had joined the band,it had lived the banding dream working its way up from very humble beginings to eventualy winning the british open but unfortunatly as the ten year period of very big money in banding (the begining of the end) started, the band began to struggle to compete with its very rich neighbours and was only kept alive on the banding life support machine by the commitment of three or four of its stalwart players. The band left a legacy of fantastic players that now grace the banding world and a village hall thats walls are still proberbly half clad in egg boxes (an acoustic experiment that was cut short by the local fire brigade!) As for the instruments ect well as i can recall they were sold off to help ease some of the financial problems the band was in but i wouldnt quote me on that, your best point of contact would proberbly be one of the fore mentiond stalwarts Barry Parkinson, Leyland band could proberbly point you in his direction and ime sure he could put you in contact with the relevent people to help you with your questions. Good luck. Toby Hobson
  11. Brassbones

    Brassbones Member

    Re: swinton band R.I.P!!!!!!!!!

    Indeed Tony. Unparalleled in modern banding. A combination of religious devotion to the cause by every player and a star MD in development.

    Can’t imagine the same thing happening nowadays. Loyalty, commitment and playing for the love of it are pretty rare commodities in "top banding" now. But that’s another thread.... :oops:
  12. toby hobson

    toby hobson Member

    comitment ect

    Ha ha. Yeh your bang on mate, the two things that have made me laugh the most in 13 years of top banding are warm-up room virtuosos and banding badge kissers who would bleed blue or red or green ect untill someone offers them a few Quid!!!!
  13. Drew

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    Perhaps someone can confirm or deny the rumor I heard regarding the auditioning procedure used in the KSCB bandroom?

    The auditioning player had to play in front of the condutor and band, then the players would be encourage to talk to one, while they were playing in order to try to put the player off?

  14. Humphrey

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    Re: Whatever happened to Kennedys Swinton band

    Just couldn't beat Desford Simon. Mind you, I agree with you. I'd hate to have been a member of the Band that got rid of him. Wouldn't you! :)
  15. paulspud

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    Yes, we have their timps!!!

    Paul S
    Old Hall Brass
  16. Blagger

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    Never saw that myself- although he did pick up his cornet and play your part from the score :!:
  17. scjb

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    Kennedys Swinton

    I was a member of Kennedy's Swinton. It was my first stint on baritone, moving from solo euph at Dobcross. My audition was actually a sectional on English Heritage!

    Great bunch of people who worked extremely hard whilst generally taking lots of stick from the "big boys". Had a great time, learned a hell of a lot & have a lot to thank Dave King and the Swinton players for.

    It's a great shame the band folded, but rest assured, those of us who were part of it will never forget it.

    Steven Booth
  18. Blagger

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    Re: Kennedys Swinton

    Pleasure sitting next to you Steve - even though you went and won the Open 2 months after I left :)

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