What would attract you to a band?

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    I suppose this is a question for many bands, have we all really got every seat in the band filled. Talk to people in other bands and it's all hunky dory, look on 4barsrest and there are plenty of bands looking for players.

    Of course we all know that all these bands are really friendly and would bend over backwards to persuade a new player to join but what is the secret formula to attracting just the right player?

    In no particular order reasons why you might join a band:

    • Contest diary – more or less
    • Concert diary – more or less
    • Location and transport
    • Social side
    • European Tours
    • Good conductor
    • Success of band in past
    • Potential of band in future
    • Financial
    • “Commitment” requirements
    • Flexibility of attendance consideration
    • Way the band is run
    • Type of music played
    Any thing else?
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    There was a thread here along similar lines!
  3. on_castors

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    Band accommodation standard - rehearsal room, access, parking, even toilets!

    Instruments/equipment - quality/manufacturer more so for those who haven't their own, eg Tuba players.

    Age distribution of existing players.... might be a factor for some eg.if all old or all young
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    Thanks for that - I thought there must be one somewhere - will now have to read that one.

    Oh thought of another reason - how many pretty girls/or boys in the band.

    Mods - do your stuff
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    OK now read that one, what a trawl, it's all coming back to me now. If you don't want to read that one in summary it's mainly about location and getting there, a load of stuff about websites and whether they do or don't attract you to a band and a very nice post from Sparkling Quavers which basically listed the same things I have above (perhaps I'm suffering from superior memory syndrome)

    I'll quote it here

    1. standard of playing
    2. avaliability of a suitable vacancy
    3. social side/friendships
    4. How the band is run this could include the committee or band manager, the ethos of the band or the level of 'professionalism' in advertising events eg concerts,website etc
    5. travelling distance
    6. playing 'expenses'
    7. contest results
    8. the right contest:concert balance ie some people want to join a band that is out contesting all the time, some just want to do concerts and some might be happy with 1 or 2 contests a year.
    9. quality of engagements and attendance at engagements - linked to the way the band is run again
    10. who the MD and how they work with the players and committee
  6. Di B

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    I'll add another...


    Either to the bandroom when you first start out, or for any jobs the band has. Unless you are very familiar with the local area you won't know where many of the jobs actually are. Poor directions drive me mad!
  7. matthetimp

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    The attitude of the band. Not having some band tell you that you cannot go to work you have got to come to band. Like hell! Give me the money that I would earn otherwise and I will be at every rehearsal! Some bands are WAY to much above their stations.

    Rant over
  8. Thirteen Ball

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    I guess the main thing is to find a band that suits you on all counts if you can - or at least comes near.

    There's been plenty of times when I've thought one or other of the already mentioned criteria was below par at a band I've been at. The important thing is how to deal with that situation as a player.

    For me the main thing is to be tight-knit as a unit, professional around the stand whether rehearsing or performing, and keep the team spirit up away from the bandroom. And that applies equally to players, conductors, comittee members, band managers and all concerned with the band.

    However it's worth noting that the situation at any band is rarely perfect - for anyone around the stand, and though it's sometimes not easy, to try not get disheartened when things aren't as you'd like!
  9. eanto

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    or look at the vacancy section on tMP;)

    Any band for me would have to have a 'after rehearsal watering hole' nearby. Couldn't imagine not going to the pub afterwards. Some people actually go straight home :eek:
  10. I need to be in a band that doesn't spend hours on a piece in order to get it performance ready. Having been an orchestral player for many years with 95% of rehearsal time spent with the instrument on the floor I cannot bear to sit around waiting for others to get their part right.
    Selfish? Yeah probably.
  11. Masterblaster jnr

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    I would go for:

    Challenging Music
    Standard and good money
  12. WoodenFlugel

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    Blimey, in these days of sponsorship wilderness for all but the very, very top bands that is a huge ask. If you want to make a living from playing, then brass bands isn't the place to do it.

    I guess for me it would be this - firstly what is the overall standard of the band (ie their section). It's a great indication of whether you'll be bored out of your mind, or totally out of your depth. Then it may well be what is their actual playing ability - one 1st section band may be totally different in terms of what they can do to another. Then it comes down to their MD - I see little point in banding if I don't think the MD is doing the right thing. After that, then location, social side, number of jobs come into it.

    Generally I think its a compromise, a bit like picking a really nice pair of trousers - there may be one pair that are really cheap but don't fit, a pair that fit perfectly but are stupidly expensive, but the ones you go for are usually the ones which fit well and are within your price range. Its a compromise of a number of different things.
  13. Masterblaster jnr

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    That was a sarcastic comment, just couldn't find the smilie to put after it
  14. WoodenFlugel

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    Ah-ha! I see....

    Maybe the combination of a long rehearsal, a few pints and a late night put my sarcasm radar off-kilter! ;)
  15. Masterblaster jnr

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    I was meaning my "Good money" Comment.

    Yours is actually quite right.
  16. Will the Sec

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    Etiquette. When the conductor's stick is up, the band is ready to play. Especially if it's (a) my stick, (b) a guest conductor's stick, or (c) in a rehersal close to an important engagement.
  17. JesTperfect!

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    Contest diary – more or less : More, def more. Providing they are decent contests, always MORE!
    Concert diary – more or less : again, more, as long as they're not all 'play in the town square' type jobs. not that I think I'm above that, but there's only so much I can persuade myself to do!
    Location and transport : I wouldn't want to have to travel for more than 45mins, I don't think. That could get annoying, especially on a contest week!
    Social side : I'd love to pay for a band where everyone is included in the social side of things. There are too many bands where little cliques form and people get left out.
    European Tours : Why not?! Who wouldn't want to tour Europe, doing the thing you love most?!
    Good conductor : Well, obviously. I like to play for a band with a resident, and then have professional conductors for contests. It means you get more experience of diferent styles....coming from Cornwall, that can only be a good thing!
    Success of band in past : Not neccessarily. I think it's more about where the band is headed now. Who cares if the band lost to Fatsburg Silver last year if they're on the up now?!
    Potential of band in future : ah. didn't spot this when was writing above answer! see above :p
    Financial : Well, you need money to survive right?! But we can't all be worrying about money ALL the time. I have such a simplistic view of life....... :)
    “Commitment” requirements : I will NOT play for a band where the players have no commitment. you're either in, or your out. I understand somethings are unavoidable, and we all have to work...nut i know so many people that either have AWFUL excuses, or LIE to get out of things. why be in the band if you don't want to do the jobs that come with it?
    Flexibility of attendance consideration : see above.
    Way the band is run : oh yes. a democrasy please. I hate it when your told this is the way it will be, and then there's no lee-way.
    Type of music played : a good mix of test-pieces, decent, testing music, new music, old music, and the odd complimeantary bit of cheese
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    Jess - I'm not sure what was going on with the formatting of your post - hopefully I've sorted it out so it looks something like you intended!

  19. tubafran

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    Jess - thanks for the replies to the headings, I think that's a fair reply to the items detailed. I suppose we will have views on each of these so here's mine

    Contest diary – more or less : Everyone will have an opinion on this - if half the band think there's not enough and half the band think there's too many - that's just right.
    Concert diary – more or less : As above

    Location and transport : I think no more than 20 miles really - it's not just reheasals of course, a band will generally arrange location of it's performances from the band room.

    Social side : Why not, after rehearsals and at contests - why else do most bands go to contests? Only one going to win on the day.

    European Tours : Certainly can focus the band and gives you something to look forward to.

    Good conductor : A given

    Success of band in past : May be useful to know what has been achieved

    Potential of band in future : No ambition - not going any where.

    Financial : Was thinking more about whether players should be paid to play. Don't agree but can see it could be a motivation for some people.

    “Commitment” requirements : Flexibility of attendance consideration : These two have already been covered on a thread elsewhere but I feel you have to be realistic, people do have jobs, families, holidays, sickness and for the majority of banders it is a hobby not a life choice.

    Way the band is run :Well is all that counts - doesn't matter whether it's a one man committee or everyone.

    Type of music played : Why else do we play ? This should be the most important reason.