What women like?

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Would a woman like a surprise visit and gifts from a bloke after a busy week?

  1. Yes, it would be great to get flowers and chocolates. It would put a smile on my face!

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  2. It would show support but gifts and flowers is too much....

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  3. No, don't bother or are you stalking me? lol

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  1. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    As a member of the male species I am trying to cope with a number of scenarios in life! Women seem a puzzling species.....?? What kind of things do they like blokes to give them? Do they like surprise gifts?

    For example, if a bloke turned up at an event with flowers and/or chocolates because the lady in question had been busy and had no time to put her feet up?

    Would any ladies care to give me same guidance on the subject?? and blokes too of course, especially on the example given. The poll provided would also be a good reference point...
  2. I can't see a poll.. but anyway! lol Id love it tbh... love gettin random prezzies when i least expect it! Specially chocolates :tongue:
  3. Sorry, sorry! I can see the poll now... was my eyes playin tricks on me!
  4. caramelbunny

    caramelbunny Member

    No 2 women are the same hun....

    Personally I'm a hopeless romantic & I'm still holding out for my Mr Darcy to swim across the lake (complete with wet white shirt ;)) & sweep me off my feet :rolleyes:

    I feel embarresed by gifts, unless it's an occasion like birthday etc & I'd certainly be suspicious if a guy gave me gifts who wasn't my bf :confused: I'd wonder what he was after.......

    Take away all the modern materialistic stuff & stick to good old fashoined romance...write a poem or a song, pick a bunch of wild flowers on your walk to visit her, but I guess maybe most importantly (& what most men in my experience forget to do) just listen to her...we're usually pretty good at telling you lot what we want ;)

    Any one wana help me out with men??? lol
  5. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    We're women so it doesn't matter what you do it'll be wrong. If Stan turns up with flowers and chocolates I'd want to know what he'd done. If he doesn't bring me presents I'd accuse him of not being romantic. Seriously though most women love presents but I'd prefer somethin less obvious than flowers or chocolates. I like things like a large tub of relaxing bubble bath, some fish and chips so I don't have to cook when I'm tired (or have to get dressed up to go out when all I want to do is relax) someone to tell me to sit down with my feet up while they did the washingup and brought me a cuppa. Basically things taht show an understanding of why I need a treat.
  6. six pints

    six pints Active Member

    yeah go for it! and if ur lucky u might even get one of the choccies!
  7. Melph

    Melph Member

    Deosnt matter what you do or how hard you try, there will always be something not quite right...... it's called a womans prerogative. I wonder if you can but them on Ebay?

    Ps:- the prerogative, not a woman
  8. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    As sherlock holmes put it....

    "Their tiniest detail may mean everything or their most extraordinary gesture relate to a harpin or a nail file. How do you build on such a quicksand?"

    Forget trying to understand women mate. Just when you think you've sussed them, they surprise you.

    ....But chocolates ARE ususally popular. Ben and Jerry's ice cream works too, that's my best tip!

    Although she will then tell you off for ruining her diet, while scoffing more chocs and ice-cream.....
  9. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    You speak so much sense my friend.

    I have always found when I have made romantic gestures in the past its always been 'thanks for that, what have you done wrong.'
  10. six pints

    six pints Active Member

    thats because generally men dont do nice thoughtful things unless theyre feeling guilty. mind, i think women are the same too. you never find a women going out and buying a man a present just for fun.
    relationships are a load of twaddle anyway. everyone thinks they should ahve a partner and get married and have kids because thats what society wants. what people percieve as "love" is actually just a combination of very good friendship and being physically attracted to someone.
    sorry, im a cynic.
  11. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    :eek: You are a cynic!

    My girlfriend buys me presents and I know she does it because she wants to and not because she feels she has too. I do likewise.

    You don't need to buy things, just a thoughtful text or phone call can be just as well received as a gift.
  12. Melph

    Melph Member

    Here here that last thread.... opps, the wife is about, got to go.
  13. Melph

    Melph Member

    When I say last thread, I meant this one!!! Wife still on the prowl.
  14. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    All these replies. I'm quite overwhelmed!! ;-) I tend to think that six pints has a point in one respect, that society attempts to dictate what relationships should do and that people should marry and fall in love (it also dictates other things too). However companionship is probably the most important thing I want to get out of a relationship, well.... and some of the other stuff too.... . By the votes on the poll it says that I should be nice and make the grand sweeping gesture. I have enough time to contemplate my actions but more advice is always welcome...Whatever I do I hope at least that there might be a thank you....and if not life does indeed go on and I might just chat to the cynic that is six pints over at least seven pints!! lol
  15. Melph

    Melph Member

    Sounds like you and Six pints have the same philosophy and think alike..... maybe you should send her a box of chocolates? What do you prefer Six Pints?
  16. six pints

    six pints Active Member

    alcohol and fags ;) chocs are overated!
  17. Melph

    Melph Member

    oh, this dating lark is much harder than what I thought.

    Ok, 23,000 fags and a tanker of Ale on their way.
  18. six pints

    six pints Active Member

    ill be waiting for the postman ;)
  19. midwalesman

    midwalesman Member

    I can live with giving you the alcahol but not see keen on the cigs....they might get squashed en route!! Cigs and Alcahol, most definitely a stereotypical student response ;-) Where do I send 'em? lol
  20. Melph

    Melph Member

    Had I known you were interested Midwalesman, I would not have gone to the trouble of sending the 23,000 fags and tanker of Ale. What a mess, at least Royal Mail have been able to stop the delivery.:)

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