What well known event in History has taken place on your Birthday

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by ian perks, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Just looking up on this day in history on internet as its my Birthday today and noticed that
    The Battle Of Agincourt took place on
    25th October 1415.
    What event in history as taken place on your birthday
  2. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    18th June - Battle of Waterloo (1815)
  3. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member

    19th Nov 1493 - Christopher Columbus first lands on San Juan Bautista (now Puerto Rico)

    19th Nov 1863 - Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg address

    19th Nov 1915 - Joe Hill was executed

    19th Nov 1942 - Zhukov launches counter-offensive in the Battle of Stalingrad (it was his 46th birthday as well)

    19th Nov 1969 - Apollo 12 lands on the moon (also Pele scores his 1000th career goal)

    19th Nov 1973 - I was born

    19th Nov 1977 - Sadat becomes the first Arab leader to officially visit Israel

    19th Nov 1994 - The first National Lottery draw is held in the UK
  4. Di

    Di Active Member

    On March 14,
    Physicist Albert Einstein is born in Ulm,

    Joseph O'Connor , operator of the Devon trawler Pescado, which sank in 1991 with the loss of 6 lives, is jailed for 3 years.

    Members of the US Olympic boxing team are among the 87 killed in a plane crash in Warsaw.

    Labour politician George Brown resigns as Foreign Secretary.

    1964 (my birthday)
    In Dallas, Texas, Jack Ruby is found guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald - the alleged assassin of US President John F Kennedy, and sentenced to death. He dies in prison in 1967.

    Publication of the New English Bible.

    Currency Act in the United States of America declares paper and other money is redeemable in gold.

    First production of The Mikado, by Gilbert and Sullivan, at the Savoy Theatre, in London.
  5. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    did you enjoy it????:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  6. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    8th October:


    1939 - World War II: Germany annexes Western Poland.
    1952 - A three-train disaster in Harrow, London kills 112 people. (Harrow and Wealdstone rail crash)
    1978 - Australia's Ken Warby sets the current world water speed record of 317.60mph at Blowering Dam, Australia.
    2005 - The Kashmir earthquake hits parts of northern South Asia.


    1928 - Bill Maynard, British actor.
    1930 - Toru Takemitsu, Japanese composer (d. 1996)
    1932 - Ray Reardon, Welsh snooker player
    1939 - Paul Hogan, Australian actor
    1943 - Chevy Chase, American comedian and actor
    1970 - Matt Damon, American actor


    1754 - Henry Fielding, English author (b. 1707)
    1953 - Kathleen Ferrier, British contralto (b. 1912)
    1967 - Clement Attlee, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1883)

    There maybe one or two other events as well, but these seemed to be the most interesting! ;)
  7. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    Ooooh, someone's tired of life!! :tongue: :biggrin:
  8. kerrytoy

    kerrytoy New Member

    2nd September
    The Great Fire of London started.
  9. langley_euph

    langley_euph New Member

  10. MissRepiano

    MissRepiano New Member

    17th February - I was born (what more could you want?!)

    Nothing too exciting happened on this day that I could find, but according to wikipedia.....

    2009 - Analog television broadcasts are scheduled to end in the United States, as the Federal Communications Commission will require all stations to send their signals digitally.

    Isn't that fascinating!!
  11. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    according to the History channel:

    World chess champion Gary Kasparov wins the world chess championship beating fellow Russian Anatoly Karpov.

    British coin, the farthing, in use in Britain since the 13th Century, ceases to be legal tender.

    Dr R.N.Harger's 'drunkometer' is officially used to breathalise drivers by the Indianapolis Police department in the USA.

    Charles Darrow patents his new board game - Monopoly.

    End of the use of the lance by the British army.

    Scientist Marie Curie receives a second Nobel Prize - an unprecedented event in the history of the award. Born in Poland, Marie won her first Nobel Prize along with her husband, French scientist Pierre Curie, in 1903.

    Tomas Estrada Palma is elected President of Cuba.

    For the first time since 1797, a large upright stone and lintel suddenly falls over at the Stonehenge prehistoric monument site in England.

    American inventor Thomas Edison gives the first demonstration of his electric incandescent light at Menlo Park, New Jersey.

    The capital of New Zealand is moved from Auckland to Wellington.

    A Window Tax is introduced into Britain - which leads to many of them being bricked up!

    French forces of King Charles VIII enter Rome.
  12. ronnie_the_lizard

    ronnie_the_lizard Active Member

    Since no-one else has bothered: Many Happy Returns Ian !

    & p.s. 25th October is the Birthday of David Burrows, former Liverpool player (1989 ish)
  13. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    15th November 1940 - Coventry bombed to destruction by the Luftwaffe

    15th November 1968 - RMS Queen Elizabeth, once the largest ocean liner ever built, was retired from service.

    15th November 1977 - Captain Mark Phillips was born

    And the really important one...

    15th November 1997 - The Spice girls release the album "Spiceworld"

    Oh the shame....
  14. Flutey

    Flutey Active Member

    *Gasp!* Why couldn't they have released their album just oneeee day later?! Then it would have been on my 6th birthday! Haha no prizes for guessing what I got that bday...!
  15. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    erm..........a cd player????:tongue:
  16. Flutey

    Flutey Active Member

    Actually, thinking about it mine must be about 10 years old...!!! I still have a Spice Girls tshirt too, think that was my 7th bday tho!
  17. Blagger

    Blagger Member

    First "test-tube" baby born in UK - ( louise Brown )

    25th July
  18. Nigel Hall

    Nigel Hall Supporting Member

    Happy Birthday Ian....here's some musical milestones for you....

    1825 - Composer Johann II Strauss was born.

    1838 - Composer Georges Alexandre-Cesar-Leopold Bizet was born. He is best remembered for his opera "Carmen."

    1864 - Composer Alexander Tikhonovich Gretchaninov was born.

    1960 - Mick Jagger and Keith Richards accidentally met on a train. They had known each other previously from school.

    1964 - The Rolling Stones made their first appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

    1969 - "Ummagumma" was released by Pink Floyd.

    1973 - John Lennon sued the U.S. government claiming that his fight against deportation was prejudiced by U.S. officials.

    1988 - Chico and Bobby DeBarge were convicted of trafficking cocaine in Michigan.

    1991 - Bill Graham, concert promoter, was killed in a helicopter crash.

    1994 - The Madonna album "Bedtime Stories" was released.

    1995 - The musical "Victor/Victoria" opened.

    1995 - Cliff Richard received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II.

    2002 - In Bloomfield, MI, an $800,000 house owned by Aretha Franklin burned down. Franklin had not lived in the house in two years.

    2006 - On the Opra Winfrey show, an interview with Madonna aired. Madonnna discussed her adoption of an 18-month old boy from Malawi in the 30-minute interview.
  19. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    August 31st

    1997 - Diana, Princess of Wales dies in a car crash in Paris
  20. Mrs Fruity

    Mrs Fruity Member

    23rd June (all exciting stuff- yeah right! :frown: )
    Diana, Princess of Wales apologises for taking her two sons, Princes William and Harry, to see the 15 certificated film The Devil's Own about an IRA assassin.
    Brighton bomber Patrick Magee, found guilty of planting the bomb at the Grand Hotel, Brighton during the Conservative Party Conference in 1983, is jailed for a minimum of 35 years.
    An Air India jumbo jet explodes (terrorist bomb) off the coast of Ireland killing all 330 on board.
    Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser becomes President of Egypt after an election in which voting is compulsory and he is the only candidate.
    British diplomats Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean flee to the USSR before the British authorities have the opportunity to arrest them for spying.
    Government of Eire declares membership of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) to be illegal.
    The world's first practical typewriter is patented by Christopher Sholes in Milwaukee, USA with keys laid out in alphabetical order.
    Adolphe Sax patents the saxophone.
    British troops, commanded by Robert Clive, win the Battle of Plassey in Bengal - laying the foundations of the British Empire in India.
    English navigator and explorer Henry Hudson, along with eight other members of his crew, are cast adrift by mutineers and never seen again.


    English musician Stuart Sutcliffe - original member of the British group The Beatles.
    British singer Adam Faith
    American choreographer Bob Fosse
    English cricketer Sir Len Hutton.
    English actor Dennis Price.
    Mathematician and computer pioneer Alan Turing.
    Entomologist and sexologist Alfred Kinsey.
    In Britain, the future Edward VIII - who abdicates to marry Wallis Simpson - is born in Richmond, Surrey.

    Scottish actor John Laurie.

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