What was the first match you attended?

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  1. bbg

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    As a companion to "how's your team doing", how about some memories of the first time that you saw a proper football / rugby / cricket / hockey match? Did that first time lead to a lifelong following of your team?

    For my part, first football match was Raith Rovers v Queen of the South, League Cup tie at the start os 1967-68......we had beaten QoS 7-2 the last game of the previous season to clinch promotion, so I went along with an uncle expecting more of the same. Close I suppose, as this time it was 5-2 - to Queens! Nevertheless, have been watching the Rovers ever since.

    First hockey game was Fife Flyers v Dundee Rockets , circa 1970, and the one and only time I've watched first-class cricket was a day's play at Hastings , 1974 I think, Sussex with John Snow playing Worcestershire - Glenn Turner, Ron Headley and Basil D'Oliviera amongst those that I can recall.
  2. johnmartin

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    My first memory of a game was the Jimmy Johnstone & Bobby Lennox testimonial game at Celtic Park back in 1976. Man U were the opposition and Celtic won 4-0. Been a Celtic fan ever since that night - thanks dad.
  3. Chunky

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    First game I went to, August 1972 Norwich City v Everton a 1-1 draw. More importantly it was Citys first ever game in the top flight of English Football!
  4. bbg

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    Really, Mr Martin........eight miles down the road from Lochgelly is the famous Stark's Park, home of Raith Rovers, yet you chose to support a Weegie team?! :confused::-? 1976 was a good year, too - one defeat all season 75-76, promotion and all that. Also, over the years you could have watched eventual Celtic players like Agathe and Hartley far more cheaply when they were at the Rovers. Still time to change of course............?
  5. themusicalrentboy

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    first football match....

    Forest v Ipswich town in about 1998

    (best game has to be the last day of last season 3-2 against Yeovil)

    first cricket match......

    the FIRST Twenty20 Finals day at Trent Bridge
  6. Maestro

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    My first game was about 1970. Norwich vs Bristol City.Was an evening game and I went home and proudly told my mum that Norwich won 2-2. I was only 7.
    Was in the good old days when I got passed down to the front of the terraces, with my milk crate, to watch the game, then got passed back to my dad at the final whistle.
    Oh the good old days eh?
  7. johnmartin

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    You assume too much. I was born in Dennistoun, Glasgow within sight of the beloved Celtic Park. I only moved to Fife in 93 after I joined the equally beloved Lochgelly band. :)

    Now my son, aged 3, has already been to his first Rovers match.
  8. Pythagoras

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    Only day of first class cricket I've been to was Northamptonshire against Glamorgan (I think), in about 1990. Pitch was so flat that it was miracle if anybody got out. Alan Lamb batted all day and got a double hundred.

    first rugby game I went to was to see Bedford narrowly beat London Scottish in the one season they were in the top flight. Wasn't much quality on display as it was the teams who came last and next to last in the table, and was the only game Bedford won that season.
  9. Chris Hicks

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    First football game was southend vs millwall in a midweek testimonial for a goalkeeper who i don't remember the name of! We were given free tickets at primary. Was around 96ish. Ended up in the away end (millwall)! Needless to say we moved at half time!

    First cricket was England vs New Zealand ODI at Bristol in i guess 2005?

    First rugby was semi-finals day of the EDF this year at the millenium stadium. Leicester vs Wasp and Ospreys vs saracens!
  10. bbg

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    Many apologies for my assumptiveness, John! Perferctly in order for a Dennistoun boy to become a Bhoy as it were........glad to learn that your 3 year old has been along to the Rovers already, if you live in Lochgely itself I suppose it's feasible that he could have been taken to Dunfie or Cowdenbeath instead, but thankfully the Rovers "won".
    Wish I could say the same about my own (grown up) son - he was born in Falkirk whilst we were living there and so he supports the Bairns even although we moved, firstly to Dumfries then Perth, whilst his younger sister is a St Johnstone fan having lived here since she was a wee girl.
  11. 2nd man down

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    The first match I remember was an evening cup game, and I'm pretty sure it was Norwich Town were playing. Can't for the life in me remember the cup, the score or the date, I was too young.