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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by cornishtrumpeter89, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. cornishtrumpeter89

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    I play first trumpet in the cornwall youth wind orchestra, and we're going on tour to poland in the summer,
    at the mo im on a cheapo yamaha worth about 200 quid, and i want something special for the tour, at the mo im set on getting a vincent bach omega (see my avatar), can anyone help me decide?
  2. ruthatron

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    surely it all depends on how much money you want to spend? i don't know anything about trumpets, other that what the cases look like! (alot of them are vincent back cases, so i guess that's a start!)

    but i can tell you that i went to poland on a youth wind orchestra tour last year, and it was fantastic! look out for nuns in the audience!
  3. cornishtrumpeter89

    cornishtrumpeter89 New Member

    must remember to look for them
    im looking to spend no more than a grand by the way
  4. MickM

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  5. Hornblower RN

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    Try here http://www.eclipsetrumpets.com/2005/welcome.htm I know Leigh has some trade ins which he would like to clear. Worth an email enquiry. If you can afford it get a brand new one......I did two years ago and it plays like a dream.
  6. trumpetmike

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    If you have a budget of £1000, try everything you can within that price range (and definitely have a look what Leigh has got up at Eclipse - he has a stack of traded in models), then choose the one that works for you.

    When my students are upgrading to a pro level instrument (which is what you are looking at - forget the intermediate models, they are just ways of making you spend more money further down the line) I send them somewhere with loads of different instruments to try (generally Phil Parkers, in London) and they play their way through as many as possible, in order to get the one that works best FOR THEM.
    I try to go with them so that I can offer my opinion, from a listener's point of view.
    The brands I will ensure they try include Bach (just the Strad models), Yamaha (the various Xenos and 6335 series), B&S (don't be put off by the low price, they are superb instruments, especially for the price they charge), Stomvi and (if their budget stretches to them) Schilke and Kanstul.
    Once you have found a model that you like, then you have the option of where to buy it - the problem with this is, of course, that sometimes you will then be buying an instrument unplayed - all instruments vary to some extent - if you take 10 Bach Strads (allegedly identical models) you frequently find that they all play slightly differently. Yamaha and Schilke generally have very good consistency between instruments, but that is not to say that the occasional dog doesn't slip through.

    What is it about the Omega you like?
  7. cornishtrumpeter89

    cornishtrumpeter89 New Member

    the omega has been referred to as the poor man's stradivarius, one of my college friends has had one and recommended it to me, i have found one on offer for £800, but i want to be sure before buyung
    however i am flexible, but i don't know much about the yamaha xeno's or schilke and kanstul
  8. Incognito

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    You should buy an instrument that supports the kind of sound you naturally produce.
    This will make playing less of a struggle.

    e.g. if you naturally play with a very thin bright sound a lighter instrument designed to have abright sound will support you in doing that.

    There is no real one size fits all approach, although some instruments can be very versatile as they are not extreme in design in any one direction.
    It also depends on the repertoire you are playing.
    I normally play very large bore, very heavy trumpets but I keep a 1930's trumpet for when I have to recreate 1930's dance band music.

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