what to get a guy for his 21st birthday

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by flower girl, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. flower girl

    flower girl Member

    i know this is very similar to another thread, but i never thought of asking every one on tmp about this.
    Its one of my very close friends' birthdays n i have no idea what to get him for his birthday (apart from alcohol) he's 21, any suggestions?
  2. Di

    Di Active Member

    Club together with some pals and get him a driving day on a race circuit
  3. flower girl

    flower girl Member

    that is a really good idea!!! only problem is he's already had a party n i wanted to get him something just from me
  4. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    For my brother in laws 21st we clubbed together to get him the ultimate lads present. We put in things like a voucher to go go-karting, a radio controlled car, a trainset, girlie calender ect. Could you do something similar but on a smaller scale
  5. JessopSmythe

    JessopSmythe Active Member

    What ever you get, make sure you include a "morning after" pack. Alkaseltzer, Aspirin etc.
  6. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    hey thanks michelle! you just gave a fab idea of what to get my brother for his 21st next week! :tongue:
  7. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    The only things I can think of would undoubtedly get me moderated, and even worse, Mumsie would shout at me...;)

  8. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Yea.. mumsie is very scary!!
  9. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    Keeps me on my best behaviour anyway. Actually very little keeps my on my best behaviour except my own inherent goodness.

  10. Di

    Di Active Member

    Aaaaaaaaaand getting back on topic??;):biggrin:
  11. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    Definitely get him whatever that is
  12. bigmamabadger

    bigmamabadger Active Member

    Not sure what the going rate is these days. Might be a bit pricey.
  13. yonhee

    yonhee Active Member

    Aftershave and alcohol.
  14. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    If he's into gadgets like most guys then an iPod.
  15. yonhee

    yonhee Active Member

  16. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    21st is a special birthday, so you could buy yourself a nurses outfit and give him a present he wont forget...
  17. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    LMAO... nicked from you in another thread..

    If only I could give you rep!
  18. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    Or an old favourite... :cool:

    Nothing says I love you like the Black & Decker Firestorm 24v...

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  19. flower girl

    flower girl Member

    thank u all for your help x
  20. sevenhelz

    sevenhelz Active Member

    for one of my friends' 21st about five of us are dressing up as bunnygirls and taking him for a night out at his favourite club. not terribly original i know but it should be fun :p
    alternatively you could take him white water rafting at http://www.ukrafting.co.uk/rafting.htm :) loadsa fun

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