What sort of example is this?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by DaveR, Oct 25, 2006.

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    A case of do what we say not what we do perhaps!?!
    Not exactly the best publicity is it?!!!
  3. tubafran

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    That's nearly as bad as the police station that had it's toilet stolen

    The police are looking into it but they have nothing to go on :p
  4. Flutey

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    That one was so bad it was good, Fran!
  5. Bass Man

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    A bit embarrasing for them isn't it. Heads will roll
  6. SuperMosh

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    Wouldn't have happened in PontyPandy. Oh no.

    As for not having a smoke alarm fitted - why would that be relevant? These brave lads and lasses are out rescuing cats and striking, far too busy throwing stones to worry about their glass house
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    How embarassing :redface: ...but I'm not surprised. I married a fireman. Re police stations you would be amazed at what goes "missing". You would not leave your uniform in your locker for long periods (say if you were working in plain clothes) because bits would go missing. One PC I worked with opened his locker after a long spell on the crime squad and all that was left were his numbers in the bottom. This usually happened in the male locker room not the female for some reason. Perhpas the ladies were more honest. Someone even stole, or should I say permanently borrowed the "tea club" from a locker once!
    Also NEVER use the vinegar in the police canteen.........how can I put this..sometimes it's rather too light in colour :eek: