what second section bands are turning up to preston contest?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by skweeky, Jan 31, 2004.


who's going to preston contest (2nd section)?

  1. me, me, me i wanna win!!!

  2. nah lad, is'not for me that! so its not.

  3. im not playing! ill meet you in the pub!

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  1. skweeky

    skweeky Member

    we are going to preston contest (blackpool brass) anyone else going??
  2. dont know if im allowed 2 say this but the band i play 2nd trom in r going
  3. rickcowens

    rickcowens Member

    it be r8!!!! hebden bridge are going :twisted:
  4. NAS

    NAS Member

    Rainford are in 2nd section :) .
  5. rickcowens

    rickcowens Member

    wire brass will probably be going for the hatrick.

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