what practical jokes do u play on new starters at work??

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  1. hi, in our company area we have had a few new starters and have played a few practical jokes the go to the shop and get a pint of bull's milk.. (works every time). also apparently you can plug a 3phase heater into a 24ov 13amp socket!!!!

  2. ekimmort

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    When I worked in the Tool Trade, we would regularly have apprentices come in for long stands, fresh air washers, tins of verdigris and we would play along with the joke. However one bright spark sent his apprentice for a pair of left handed tinsnips, we had great pleasure in selling them to him.
  3. FlugelD

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    In the late '70's, I worked for ICL (it used to be a computer company :( *) in mainframe operations. One of our machines was malfunctioning (technical term - it were screwed...)

    We called out the engineer - from the office next door - and put the kettle on. After about 10-15 mins, the engineer appeared and told us that his tests showed that the main data bus was dropping bits.

    So we gave the trainee op. a bucket, and told him to pick them up...

    With bits of 1902T spread across the machine room floor, he went looking.**

    It was funny at the time.

    * The great white hope of British computer technology that would supercede IBM :eek:

    ** Unfortunately, to understand this properly, you have to be as old and computer geeky as me :redface:
  4. Hollie

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    Well I work in mcdonalds (and i aint stupid b4 you make assumptions :p) and there is a button you can press that makes the noise that happens wen a car comes into the drive-trhu....I often go and push it and then hide as my collegues rush to the window and sit there for a while wondering where the car has gone.....Once I got this guy with it about 5 times before he figured it out...he thought he was hearing things and going crazy. So much fun....cruel but funny as!!!!
  5. Will the Sec

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    I'd say don't.

    In today's "Compensation Culture" playing a trick on someone you don't know may be personally costly, as company public liability insurance may not cover accidents caused by horseplay.
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  6. brassneck

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    Strangely enough, there are still quite a few muppets who get caught out by being told to go for a long weight (wait).
  7. Anno Draconis

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    In the days when faxes used thermal paper, we used to give work experience lads a "really important" fax and tell them to encapsulate it to keep it safe. Encapsulators use heated rollers and when heated rollers meet thermal fax paper, it turns black, obliterating the "really important" info. Childish but funny. We also used to convince people that we had a company policy of only buying coloured paper that used natural colouring and if you sniffed it carefully you could tell the natural colouring used - strawberry for pink, bananas for yellow, etc. The aim was to get the victim to actually start suggesting what they thought the paper had been coloured with.

    We did also put a small amount of gunpowder in someone's cigarette once, but that probably comes under Will's "this'll get you sued" disclaimer. Damn funny, though.
  8. Forest Gump

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    we would tell the new starter that the bosses son had broken his piano, he would ask him about it thinking it would brake the ice,then acting upset he would tell him that his son was born with no fingers.for the next hour he would'nt talk to him just blank him, finally when they were getting ready to walk out we would tell them.
    we done this loads of times but looking back, i feel it was'nt very nice and could of backfired.not recomended.
  9. Ruthless

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    I've heard of people leaving messages on peoples desks:

    Please ring Mr C Lion or Mr G Raff and giving a local Zoos phone number

    Though I'm sure the Zoos will be well fed up with this one.
  10. This wasn't played on a new starter, but it was, however, a first class April fools trick last year! One of the lasses at work was really hung up on getting in to Big Brother, she'd sent applications off etc. The work's cooks boyfriend came in to see her, and we got him to ring the works phone off his mobile (Whilst he was still inside work) and ask for her who shall remain nameless. He was then put on to this lass and explained how he was the chief executive of Channel 4's Big Brother, and he would like to meet her for an interview.. and could he come to work in 10 minutes as he was in the area. So she was running around doing her hair in the mirror, screaming, telling us all etc. And someone went to get her and took her to meet the "chief executive of C4" she shook his hand and everything, he was even asking her questions about herself, why she wanted to be on the show etc.
    She didn't even recognise him from any work do's etc. Needless to say, she was absolutely mortified when we explained the whole prank... but the rest of us loved it!
  11. TheMusicMan

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    Then there's the famous one where a wife secretly tapes the Lottery show without her hubby knowing, then keeps the tape hidden in a safe place all week.

    Later in the week, she buys several tickets for the following Saturdays national Lottery - but also makes sure she buys a ticket with all of last weeks winning numbers on it.

    At precisely the right time on the Saturday night, she conveniently presses play on the video recorder, and she and her hubby settle down to watch the National Lottery show.

    You can imagine what happened when the balls were drawn out (from last weeks ahow)...:)
  12. Di

    Di Active Member

    Nnooo, thats horrible. I'd be having a villa in a nice hot place, a swimming pool and a long cold drink all flashing before my eyes! *

    * Winning the lottery won't change my life, honest guv! :rolleyes:
  13. Jamie

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    We get the usual long waits, bags of steam, tartan paint, skirting ladders, pilot lights for the microwaves... or they get sent to check on table 13 in the restaurant (we don't have one). I can't believe how long they keep looking!! I'm always the person the muppets get sent to and I can't keep a straight face!
  14. NeilW

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    I've heard of hapless delivery guys trying to fulfill an order for benzine rings from the chemistry department....

    Likewise getting a phone message from a "Mr C. Lyon" on the number that happens to be the local zoo :)

  15. bagpuss

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    I happen to know a certain person who received a demand from the 'CSA'. Those of you who know me will more than likely know the recipient. Also my Dad (who was in charge of apprentices) had an apprentice paint a wall with a specialist paint. On examining the poor lad's handywork about 20 mins later he proceeded to tell the hapless bloke that he'd managed to apply this highly specialised paint 'sticky side out' and so it would never stick. The apprentice was mortified and went and re-painted the whole wall, thereby keeping him out of my Dad's way for a while! I believe it has been known for a certain person from these parts to ask a person to go and get a bucket of spots for a spot welder. No names etc etc. Unless of course they'd like to own up!!!

  16. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Here's one in reverse! In my last job, an experienced machineman was told to show a newstart 'the ropes' ... which he did literally! He didn't realise that the newbie was to get shown around the shopfloor ... not taken to see the machine drive ropes! The joke was on him! Muppet!
  17. Nat

    Nat Member

    my favorite was sending them to get some chicken lips from the freezer or some sky hooks
  18. WoodenFlugel

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    My first job was at a fairly large engineering company so I got to hear lots of tales about the poor apprentices being sent to the stores for long weights, long stands, tubs of elbow grease, a bucket of sparks for the grinding machine, tartan paint, etc etc.

    You can also have lots of jolly japes with engineers marking out blue - which is horrendous stuff that gets everywhere - literally. We also used to put Loctite (bearing retaining stuff) around the bottom of a full tea cup. As it's a retaining compound rather than a glue, as the victim tries a bit harder to pick their cup up, it lets go, usually leaving them with half a cup of tea left in the cup and the rest all over the table top. Childish, but funny all the same.

    My favourite though was a fresh out of school new starter who had the numbers on his phone altered (so the top line is 7-8-9 not 1-2-3) it took him all morning to realise why he kept ringing wrong numbers. :tongue:
  19. SuperMosh

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    A job I did back in my Uni days (cleaning trains) saw a new starter being sent round all the trains to put the little plastic money bags you get from banks, on all the taps in the trains toilets to stop them getting dirty.

    I still have these bags by the way
  20. squirrel

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    An old boss of mine was ex Royal Navy, and they used to send new recruits down to the engine room for a machinists punch (Ow!) :)

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