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    I was just wondering whether other non-contesting bands do something more interesting than dragging out the summer fete fodder just after Christmas. At least if you contest you're occupied until March, but there are those of us who will be plodding through Light as Air and Salute to Sullivan as soon as we get back to the bandroom.

    Any suggestions? ;) It's not that I mind the fete fodder especially, it's just that it seems a long time before we'll be sitting down wind of the barbeque!!

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    Marlow band is a successful non contesting band, whislt we don't contest neither do we do any what you might call standard fetes.

    There are plenty of other more interesting things a band can do all year round:-

    3 Self promoted themed concerts (Spring, Autumn, Christmas)
    A Proms in the Park event (July)
    A weekend away on the coast in August
    A CD rexording this year
    Possible training weekend later in the uraer with high profile names.

    What you do need though is a willing treasurer and cttee prepared to invest (around £700) last year in the wealth of new music there is available these days. This we find keeps everyone fresh and enthusiastic, we don't use any of the traditional '' yellow music'' unless specifically requested.

    All these things can be done with a bit of foresight and not a contest in sight!

    Best of luck to you

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    none contesting

    When I used to conduct a none contesting band or even last year when Ripon didn't contest I get out 3 or 4 hard bits of music. Pieces that within 3 or 4 months, the band, maybe able to play to a reasonable standard. Even maybe play out at a concert!!!!

    Don’t just concentrate on the 3 or 4 bits of music, but use these as your main points. These don’t just improve these pieces, but what the band improves on these pieces can be carried forward to other music through out the year.

    You can also use this time to work on technique, such as tonguing, breath control and other rudiments.

    Have a good year.
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    At Killamarsh it will be very similar to what Ian has said above, we are also a non-contesting band and we spend a similar amount each year on new music.

    Own concerts - 4 including one themed around a 1930/40s cruise of the med - hopefully with a/v additions - one for our local Summer Culture Festival based on the title "Spirit of Youth" (no idea what we are going to use for that yet)

    and main event this year will hopefully be a weeks tour in Hungary.

    No need to stick to the same old summer pad - we use a selection from the themed concerts for use outdoors (just have to think what would be suitable as you go along).

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