What makes a piece special?

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    I've been thinking about this a lot recently (yes it's half past midnight, yes I need to get out more) and I can't decide whether it is the musicians or the composer that makes a piece worth listening to. Obviously a combination of both helps, but would you rather listen to a fantastically played but mediocre piece or the other way round?
    I would say it is the composer slightly more than the performers as there are some pieces that no matter how badly they are played (well obviously they have to be recognisable), are just that little bit special. But others you could give to dyke and still not manage to evoke any meaning or purpose.
    Just my thoughts. Any comments?
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    I think it is a bit of both. In my mind there are some pieces that just don't do anything for you, no matter who plays them. But then there are some fantastic pieces that can sound really special if played correctly by the musicians.

    However, this again, goes down to personal taste. What one person thinks is a really special piece of music, another person just can't stand. I've also listened to concerts where the audience have thoroughly enjoyed a performance of a piece of music, but I've 'cringed' at some of the playing which spoiled the piece of music.

    After some consideration, I agree there are one or two pieces of music that just can't be made special, but mostly, I think it is down to the performance of the piece from the musicaians that can make music really special.

    As an afterthought - have you ever got out a piece of music, that at first run through you've thought, ugh, don't like that, but then when it has been rehearsed and performed correctly, it becomes a fantastic piece to play and listen to?
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    Myself i like a piece with tunes in it also needs to be good enough to test the bands as well example:
    Whitsun Wakes:Yes its hard and as plenty of those moments in it.
    Anything by Philip Sparke writes as you on the edge of your seat.
    Now the the big question is as a player :
    I love hard pieces which will test a band and make them improve this years 1st section was a cracker Voyage Of Discovery i hope all the first section bands enjoyed playing it what ever the result or the position they ended up in.
    But i will always say:It takes a TOP FLIGHT BAND to play a test piece correct even if its Indian Summer by Eric Ball-thats no joke intended here to hear a piece played 100% right just listen to our finest bands we have .:clap:
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    Both but even some pieces that I think aren't particularly great can sound pretty amazing played by certain bands. But also really good pieces played by not so good bands can be really good. So yeah...