What is your opinion about playing brass?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by kateg, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. kateg

    kateg New Member

    I'm conducting some research at Sheffield University about what it means to 'be a brass musician' to different people (professionals / amateurs / brass banders / orchestral musicians - anyone that has picked up a brass instrument)!

    I'm trying to get as many people as possible to complete a 15 minute online questionnaire so if you feel like sharing your thoughts please go to

    There are prizes to be won! :D


  2. Trumpet Major

    Trumpet Major Member

    South Yorkshire
    Done ! Hope it helps
  3. kateg

    kateg New Member

    response to some questions!

    Thanks everyone! I've had loads of responses...but please have a go if you haven't done it yet.

    In response to some questions I have had over email, please note...
    I have played in bands for about 18 years so have some experience of the banding world, but have now quit doing brass bands. This is not necessarily a 'banding' questionnaire it is open to anyone who enjoys playing brass.

    It is very much a psychology based study, balanced to explore ideas that are present in society, as well as possibly within the smaller musical community. I have no axes to grind regarding stereotyping, women, feminism or anything else! The questions are meant to be well balanced in terms of what they ask, but are loaded to explore areas of research that I am interested in!
    It's meant to be done for the pleasure of contributing to science, or something like that!!!:D

    Thanks again
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