What is new in brass!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by youngblood, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    Who knows of any interesting quality brass that breaks the mold?

    Ok Ok so we love our brass bands but who is doing new imaginative work?

    Wild, Wacky and Wierd?
    What is new in brass?
    Are you a fan of a new band?
    Do you like any other form of brass?


    Big Funders and Regional Agencies don't seem to find brass atractive to support!

    If UK bands are to attract big funding they need to be seen on an international context and be seen as a tourist draw. they need to be supporting not only traditional Brass but development and new music.

    There will always be a place for traditional brass bands and long may they live but they have to support new development and change maybe in their youth bands.These young musicians may return to traditional brass when they are older. However they need to be kept playing brass instruments no matter how wild and wacky that may seem.

    Let me know of any new and interesting brass you may find out there.
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