What is best way 2 get ur lip back in?

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  1. Hi,
    ive been out of playing for 15 months now im wanting to get back playing. Whats best way to get lip back in without over doing it??
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    lip back in

    I didn't play for 6 years and got back into it by playing long notes and hymn tunes. No pain no gain I'm afraid.

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    I've recently started playing properly again after a couple of years not doing much. I've used exercises from Charles Collins 'lip flexibilities', Carmine Caruso 'Musical Calisthenics for brass' and the Arban. I've found that practice based mainly on technique (lip slurs, long notes tounging etc) with a bit of playing tunes in the middle has worked well. Plus the stuff on Alex Kerwin's website :clap: about practice is really good.
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    Everybody is going to be different regarding timescale of recovery but start from scratch to build up breathing support and stamina. Don't take any shortcuts trying to hit form too quickly as this can cause more serious, long-term problems regarding lip pressure, stamina and range (as well as dental problems in some cases!). If you have to attend rehearsals, play a part that is going to be within your capabilities. But again, don't try and overstretch yourself. The most important thing is to realise your limitations until you move forward a bit at a time and are sure that you have the confidence to keep that standard! It's also a good period to check for former faults and get them sorted (... if you have the patience!). Best of luck!
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    Agree with Brassneck, especially regarding pressure.

    Having been in and out of regular / serious playing for years and never really knowing what Im meant to be doing anyway, I always rush things and now the ammount of pressure I am using on my chops is phenomoneal. Cant play more than about an hour before everything start hurting. And it still hurts this morning :(

    Do it properly and maybe even get someone to teach (or rather keep a watchful eye) on you so that any problems are spotted early.
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    MANY people in trying to help, usually recommend a set of exercises that works for THEM personally...


    It seems logical that as we all blow differently to one another anyway the best thing to do to get back in shape is to play music the way you played it before your 'lay off' only, in short phrases, with plenty of rest ..and build up incrementally using a progressive book...

    like this...

    e.g. -- sigmund hering 40 progressive etudes...

    monday --- 5 mins play / 5 mins rest - repeat and quit before fatigued
    tuesday --- 10 mins play / 10 mins rest - repeat and quit before fatigued
    wed------------ 15 mins play / 15 mins rest - repeat and quit before fatigued
    thurs-------- 20 mins play / 20 mins rest - repeat and quit before fatigued
    fri--------- 20 mins play / 10 mins rest - repeat and quit before fatigued
    sat--------- 20 mins play / 5 mins rest - repeat and quit before fatigued
    sun --day off----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    I hope some of this helps..

    take in plenty of air...and play mostly mp - tongued...

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