What is a moggy?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by ju33les, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. ju33les

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    I have been brought up to believe that a MOGGY is a CAT.

    However, in some parts of the country, (some not too far from me) a moggy is a MOUSE!!!!:shock: :shock: :shock: No way !

    So what is it??

    A cat or a mouse?
    :-? or even something else..........
  2. euphfanhan

    euphfanhan Member

    It's a cat! No way is it a mouse, that's just wrong. According to the Oxford concise dictionary mog and moggie is a cat, and the Cassell concise dictionary says moggy is a cat too.

    And yes, I realise I should get out more!
  3. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    CAT - no doubts at all.
  4. ian perks

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    I think that settles it:)
  5. Ginge

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    Definately a cat!
  6. HBB

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  7. Dawnys_flug

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    What Ben said!
  8. HorniKaz

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  10. Fergus

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    There is no doubt in my mind....its a CAT !!! [​IMG]
  11. bigmamabadger

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  12. yonhee

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    How can it be both theyre completely diferent :-?
  13. Roger Thorne

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    That reminds me of a really, really bad joke . . .

    What's the difference between a Weasel and a Stoat?

    It's weasely seen cause they're stoatly different.


    Anyway, in this part of the world a MOGGY is a cat or a Morris Minor.

  14. Di

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    I think words are unnecessary. :biggrin:

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  15. johnmartin

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    Here's my favourite pictures of a moggy.

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  16. PeterBale

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    That's almost as bad as this one:

    Q: "What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison?"

    A: "A bison's what you wash your fi(a)ce in :shock: "
  17. Big Twigge

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    I loved Mog...I may go and hunt them out and do a book review on them for uni.
    Mog is a cat in my eyes at least.
  18. rutty

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  19. Vickitorious

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    Awww mog books! I remember them!!!!

    Anyway... It's a cat! How can it be a mouse.. it doesn't have the same feel to it!

    You'd go "here Moggy Moggy" to a cat.. but not a mouse.. and plus... it sounds like a cat ...:rolleyes:
  20. mikelyons

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    I've heard moggy used to refer to both a cat and mouse. It's probably applied to both by association.

    However, my mum (bless) uses moggy to refer to anything that flies, jumps and/or bites and which is of the insect persuasion.

    It's a shame to wake her up sometimes. :)

    She used to constantly warn my sisters about getting moggies in their hair - it meant she'd have to get the derbac and steel comb out :eek:uch:

    Possibly also applied to mosquitos as a corruption of the word - (Italian) Mosche.