What is a brass band?

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  1. louise0502

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    Does anyone have a good definition of what a brass band is/does? I don't need an essay, just a paragraph for this thing i'm writing. I think i've seen some on some band's websites, but have completely forgotten which bands had one.


    p.s. it's not that i don't know what a brass band is, i'm just trying to explain it so normal people can understand me.
  2. skweeky

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    a group of highly talented musicians, 4 bass players and a man with a stick read paper with dots on to form a tune. This tune can be used for entertainment or as competition between other groups (called brass bands). These groups also enjoy beer.
  3. ploughboy

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    A brass band is a collection of ametuer players (on the whole). Consists of 25 brass players - cornets, horns, baritones, euphoniums, trombones and basses. and 2/3 percussionists. There are roughly 600 brass bands in the country, it is alos poular in some parts of europe, america, and New Zeland and Austrailia. Allmost all bands compete against each other in a league system (similar to football) with Championship section down to 4th Section with promotion up and down. They also do many concerts in Halls, Churches, Parks, gala's, weddings and many many more.

    (you could also add) Beer and Band go together like ice cream and jelly, there is a drinking and socialising culture along with bands that makes it a freindley and sociable thing to do!!
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    Thanks Guys!
  5. impycornet

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    A brass band consists of 25 musicians

    & a drum section.

    ( Ducks away avoiding incoming missiles )

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    *Lobs timp at impycornet* :p
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    It's ok

    It'll be late !!
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    LOL!!!! that was quick
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    Rather late than out of tune :lol:

    You obviously don't appreciate the fine art of the percussionist...
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    1) If you read the forum, you'll see not too many bands have 4 basses.
    2) Are you implying we're more talented than the rest??? now that's a bit nasty!
  11. PeterBale

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    I wouldn't get too caught up with the question of how many players there are in a brass band. Although the stipulated maximum size for contesting purposes is 25, there are many contesting bands that take the stage with fewer players, as well as a number of bands, both in the Salvation Army and outside, that field more than that number.

    I should concentrate more on the instrumentation, with something like: A band made up of cornets, trombones, saxhorns of various sizes and percussion. Many bands take part in regular competitions, and some may be attached to churches, in particular The Salvation Army.
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    A Brass Band... a nom de plume for Alcoholics Anonymous? But with instruments obviously! :lol:
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    According to Sir Thomas Beecham:

    'Brass Bands are all very well in their place - outdoors and several miles away.'


  14. Will the Sec

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    We've got six. And six trombones. And at one point we had so many cornets that Derek on third cornet was actually playing from the toilet...
  15. skweeky

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    6 trombones? :eek: i see bands with 3 trombones struggle to keep them toegether let alone 6!
  16. alks

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    If you go to the north American brass band association page they have a 'what is a brass band' link on their site to help explain to americans what they are. Interesting.


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    a bunch of beer swilling nutters who can play an instrument when they arent drunk.....or is just our lot?

    *crouches in a corner and waits for the beatings to commence*