What is a Band Sergeant's role?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by bandcampgal, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. bandcampgal

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    Does your band have a Band Sergeant and if so what are their responsibilities?

    I've seen some people on here talking about band managers and so on and was wondering if this is just a different name for the same role or whether its something completely different! Also does anyone think that there are too many roles created in a band to help it run smoothly, and this has the opposite effect? (too many cooks etc.)

    Any thoughts on this matter greatly appreciated! :)
  2. 1st Position

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    Yes, I used to do it, but recently passed it on as I had become treasurer and it was one job too many.

    Basically the Band Sergeant is responsible for discipline in the rehearsal and on stage. Just little things like sorting out what order the band goes onto the stage in. Making sure that we sit still whilst the audience applauds, so that we acknowledge their plaudits, instead of scrabbling around for the next piece. He speaks to people if necessary about poor time keeping, appearance, and if required about missed rehearsals. I suppose that's about it really, it doesn't have to be the biggest + loudest person in the band, just someone that has good organisational skills and gets on with everyone.

    I think without creating too many roles, the band runs best if several people have a job, and some input into the bands running. If it's left to one person jobs get missed, but if you share things out, it makes for an easier life for everybody.

    HANNAH Member

    The band I 'currently' play with recently appointed a 'band sergeant' which is in my opinion a waste of time. They have a committe made up of a load of people with various different job names, but it obviously doesnt work as nothing is ever accomplished. The 'commitee' faff around supposedly 'organising' but nobody really has a specific job description which none of them stick to and consequently they couldnt organise a **** up in a brewery between them. If they would just delegate jobs to the appropriate person something might be accomplished but in its present state nothing will be done as one or two people think its a good idea to try and do everything themselves when they clearly aren't capable.
    In my opinion all they have to do is delegate certain jobs to certain people and organise who's job is what and stick to it. It's not rocket science! But no they don't! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for team work and helping eachother out but this really isn't happening at this band!
    Honestly if your committee is organised and everybody knows what their specific job is then a band sergeant is a great idea, if it isn't, don't bother, it's as simple as that. I believe the band sergeant's job is to organise who sits where on the concert stage and to organise various things back stage ensuring all runs smoothly. But susrprise surprise this doesnt happen, partly due to a lack of communication and egos! Not a good combination!
  4. brasscrest

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    For the National Capital Band (a Salvation Army band), the role of the Band Sergeant is quite important. The Sergeant is charged with maintaining proper deportment among the band, making sure members are following our uniform rules, detecting and correcting any attendance or lateness issues, and is a member of the Band Board, with particular input when provisional members are proposed for full membership (we have a system where some members, usually young people moving up from our youth band, are made provisional or "rehearsal-only" members for a period of time, to ensure that they have the required maturity and musical skills to participate).
  5. persins

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    From the comments made above, that is effectively what our bandmaster role does. In military circles I believe that the band master tends to take on much more of the musical direction and conducting in the absence of the Musical Director although in my experience in Brass bands, the bandmaster will take on such tasks as band deportment, discipline etc.
    We recently appointed a Band Sergeant with specific focus on bandroom discipline but it made absolutely no difference whatsoever in my opinion!!

    It's much clearer when the rank actually means something i.e. military-esque organisations but in a civilian based amateur organisation, I believe it to be just a title!
  6. Dave 2nd2nd Cornet

    Dave 2nd2nd Cornet Active Member

    oops, someone doesn't sound happy:oops:
  7. sugarandspice

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    Agreed. I had a Military Band Sergeant buy me doughnuts once thats my claim to fame! :)

    Anyway, i dont really see the point of band sergeants in a brass band? the things mentioned above should just be done normally without havign to create someone to be in charge of it? Hmmm, obvioulsy in Military organisations the Sergaents roll is much clearer- its to wear a different coloured sash or badge, to get paid more, and to tell people off for takign there hats off..........Hmmm! :)

    HANNAH Member

    Yeah you got that right!!!!
  9. meandmycornet

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    We have a Bandmaster.... is that the same? or different? :confused:
  10. persins

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    Hard to tell!!
    In most cases, I suspect that the roles are combined!
  11. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    I've heard the role called many things...band sergent, band master, band manager, even personnel manager, but as far as I am aware the actual role pretty much amounts to whats listed by 1st position...

    Some bands (including mine) also require the band sergent / manager to organise or supervise arranging deps for jobs as well.
  12. sparkling_quavers

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    We have a band sergent who does the role as outlined above. We use 'Band Manager' in a totally different respect. We have a 'band manager' who oversees organisation of the band as a whole.
  13. brassneck

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    - we may as well then call the antiquated name and role of the band sergeant as the enforcer ... seems about right!
  14. Charmed

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    No, that's me! :biggrin: ;)

    Our Band Sergeant does a fantastic job of setting up the stage as it should be, sorting out the players on stage and getting deps in. Wouldn't want to be without him!

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