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    This has helped me a lot, playing scales against the metronome. The interesting bit here is that instead of hearing the metronome clicks on the beat (like the first bar here), I imagine the clicks are the off-beats, like the second bar. [imgleft]http://www.themouthpiece.com/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=704&stc=1&d=1143586806[/imgleft]This does your head in the first few times you try it, as there's no tick on the beat at all, so you have to construct a mental tick instead. It does gets easier. It's the aural equivalent of those optical illusions where you can either see two faces or a candlestick. So you hear the same ticks, and you can choose to either hear them as on-beats or off-beats.
    I've tried doing triplets over this off-beat pattern! But it's really hard to get the metronome to tick right in the middle of each second note in the triplet group.
    This is all to make scales more interesting, and to try to ensure there are no "off-limits" keys. I'm currently single-tonguing scales in semiquavers, with the metronome ticking at 110 bpm, which is a lot better than I used to be able to manage. Plenty of room for improvement though.
    Cheers for now,

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    Hope your room is sound proofed, or you have got understanding neighbours! :biggrin:
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    Gosh - is the tv REALLY that bad tonight???? Thank God I had band practice!
    (no offence intended - just doesn't quite sound like my idea of a fun night in, but each to his own!)
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    Scales on off-beats? Sounds like good practice for 2nd Baritone players!
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    Or Trom parts to Journey to the Center of the Earth!!!! But with scales!
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    Well just had my practise i spent half hour on hymn tunes 3 of them out of the RED HYMN Books and 1 exersice in the ARBAN exercise NO 6 at the back of the book for half hour as well:cool:
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    Thats quite cool I have to say- before attending uni scales were one of the things that I hated most- now I do (grudgingly) practice them everyday- however I do seem to have become slightly addicted to this method!! In fact the girl upstairs has complained - not about me practicing or my playing but the metronome being too loud!! Oopps
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    i've just been practicing general chromatics, intervals and such like decided to have a run through slavische fantasie and my 3rd valve trigger has just broken away from my cornet...oooppss.

    Better get that mended then....haha....guess I don't know my own strength, all that work in the gym must be paying off. Oh well, it's needed a general once over for a while now, think the old girl is telling me something, don't you think....:oops:
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    What I'm practising....

    It's been a while since I first posted about practising scales against an off-beat metronome click.

    But I've just bought a new trumpet method book called 'Amazing Phrasing - 50 Ways To Improve Your Improvisational Skills'. And just for once the title's not hype.

    It is amazing. Those of you who know me know I already spend lots of time practising scale fragments - it's got those - but it's got new patterns I'd never have thought of. It's got the 'metronome clicking on the off beat'. It's got diminished scales - it's got tritone substitution. II-V-I progressions. And loads of other stuff. Lots of it sounds really cool - proper jazzy.

    I've found practising this stuff is exciting and mentally challenging and I can actually see progress from one session to the next.

    Sorry if this sounds nerdy, it's just that there are loads of postings on here about what instrument or what software to buy. But there's next to nothing about what to practise, how to practise. I couldn't really care less whether a composition was entered using Sibelius or Finale. Or what brand of cornet a favourite player uses. That's like asking whether JK Rowling uses MS Word or writes it out longhand.

    Any other recommendations for good practice methods?