What has happened to the Brass Band Movement?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by halsasaurus, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Getzonica

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    Dunno about other towns, but Gosport's got a thriving band...
  2. crk365

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    Grass roots?
    Trad town bands?
    Bessies top?
    Meaning of life?

    indeed, it does keep on moving..
    I purchased the dvd set of the European Brass Band Championships for a friend who believed the height of brass band musicianship was the playing of Flight Of The Bumblebee; needless to say he was a bit gobsmacked at hearing the brilliance of peices like 'From Ancient Times' and 'Standing On The Shoulders of Giants'.
  3. Martin

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    West Wycombe Brass Band

    I conduct a little village band just to the west of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. They don't contest, although they are of a 4th Section standard and, a number of the players are in more mature years. They are a lovely bunch of people and the band has a bright history and was, at one time, a prize winning band at both local and national level. Recruitment has recently been on the up and the standard of playing is improving steadily.

    These people are very proud of their band, it's history and the village in which it is based and, have seen it through from what was being pretty much on it's knees to a healthy resurgance with what I believe is going to be a brighter future. The attitude of these committed players shows me that village banding is not necessarily gone. It may have slipped off the radar and gone quiet but if people who are involved with these bands promote themselves and make a noise about their band it will, IMHO, show that the movement as a whole is still doing well.

    My brother lives in Barnstaple (North Devon) and is involved in the banding scene there. He says a similar thing about the village/town bands around there (Appledore, Bideford, Torrington etc) who just enjoy their music making, but they are still there.

    It may be a very very very long time :biggrin: before West Wycombe or any of the other such bands are in a position to take on Dyke, Cory or Grimethorpe (to name but a few), but they are out there and are enjoying their music making.:clap:
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    What happened

    I thinks its all become TOO family orientated...i know its a family thing nowadays and thats great..But its all geared towards family fundays and BBQs as social events...the old fashioned "Band do" has gone now...also ..people can travel further so they all have to dash off after practice...Everyone in our band used to live within walking distance or a bus ride from the bandroom so we would all have a pint afterwards...this is where the majority of the bands ideas, solutions etc got sorted out!
    Also. when we grew up and left school we stayed in the band , whereas now...they all go to University (whether they need to or not) so you keep on losing promising young players...
    I have seen so many young players over the years develop from learners to to very accomplished musicians only to leave for higher section bands! like i said...the world is much smaller now so its no problem travelling across the pennines twice a week instead of staying in your own town and helping your old band climb the ladder to success.... thats how much thanks you get for training people up and giving them a chance..and keeping them off the street..all for free
    OH Well !!!
  6. steve butler

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    ^ - there's someone else that needs a bit of therapy!
  7. themusicalrentboy

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    well, philmac, I apologise for going to University next year, I apologise for staying loyal to the band that has given me the chance to become the player I am at the moment, I apologise for being a rebel teenager who was brought off the street just to play in a brass band (deary me...), but most of all I apologise for having ambition and realising that however loyal you are, sometimes you need to move on to make the best of your abilities.
  8. themusicalrentboy

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    by the way I don't know philmac or know which band he may be with - it was a general rant.
  9. philmac

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    A voice of reason

    I dont think you actually saw the the point of my letter!
    So ARE going to uni next year.?... (if it's something you NEED to do in order to qualify for your chosen careeer..then well done!)
    So you stayed loyal to your band? well done and thankyou!
    so you want to move on in life? well done!
    In that case...my post wasn't aimed at you! so go and calm down and have a biscuit....
    Your say you are a rebel teenager who was brought in off the street? then i rest my case..banding brought you in off the street and gave you a purpose...and look at you now !!!...your're going to university........ i hope you are going to come back to your old band when you finish your course and give something back!

    PS ..rebel teenagers with attitude have existed since 1953..I was a rebel teenager in the late 70's and early 80's... its nothing "new" or "cool" its just history.... luckily for you..you dont HAVE to work down the mine or factory...you get to go to Uni so make the most of it...you only went to uni in my day if you wanted to be a doctor
  10. philmac

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    well in that case my rant wasnt aimed at you go and have a biscuit and calm down and listen to a 46 year old who has seen it all...good luck at University... I hope ts what you NEED to do in order to further your career...we all look forward to you retuning home and rejoining your band!
  11. themusicalrentboy

    themusicalrentboy Active Member

    I'm not a rebel teenager, it was ironic.... I apologise for the rant, I just found the incredibly sweeping generalisations littered throughout that post extremely irritating. I will be going to the RWCMD next year to make the most of myself as a player and musician, and where possible I will come back and help Foss Dyke whenever I can.

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