What euphonium you got?

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  1. im just wonderin what euphonium you play, i might be buying a new one currently hav a prestige and everthin has gone wrong and its only a year old! any advice?

  2. Bass Trumpet

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    I'm a trombone player by trade, but specialise in orchestral valves (euph and bass trumpet). I bought a medium bore Yamaha Euphonium in 1993 and have been absolutely delighted with it. A lot of people in bands go for the big bore models, but I have found that the medium bore is a better all-rounder. Personal preference, of course, but I've never played a Sovereign that even got close to my Yamaha.

    Tried a Willson a couple of years back. Very nice but very pricey!
  3. Im currently playing a sterling virtuoso and although have been overall happy with it, i am starting to find small annoying things going wrong all the time now. Im thinking of moving over to the Besson prestige (new model) when I get some money of course!
  4. Andy_Euph

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    Just wait a while, the Yamaha Xeno's should be coming out soon...i've had a blow on one of the prototypes and its the dogs nuts.

    Beats the prestige hands down, although thats not hard! Either that or try and find an old rose print Sov.
  5. Thanks guys, doing sum prac tonight and found another problem with the prestige! David Childs is now playing on the York instrument! It looks stunning! Any news on this and from what ive herd thers a beta trigger on it!
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    Hi Jamie! I play a Prestige Euph, ive had a few problems with it but my old sovreign euph was great, i had no problems with it.

    2nd Euph NYBBW
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    hi! i also play a prestige but fortunately ive not had any problems with it!
    Dave Childs and Dave Thornon have designed a new york euph which is a better, stronger version of the prestige. They are also a lot cheaper to buy without losing the quality. Its definately worth waiting until they are on sale in the uk rather than buying another model. They fit the same spec as the prestige with a better trigger. The gold fixtures have been removed and i think it looks more masculine than the prestige! haha
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    David Childs was down about a week ago with our band and he had his york then and he said it was really really good! Don't no if aynyone else has herd that?
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    Our Pricipal Euph has just got himself a New Sterling and he seem's over the moon with it. Really nice sound!

    Isn't Glyn Williams playing one now?

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    I play Concerto (Sterling) the one Meady did design on.. smallish compact sound but very nice with great projection. I have the 'red' bell version.

    Showing age now and valves are a little noisy but I really like it intonation spot on but a little 'flimsy'

    Had a large Sovereign before (hence my sign off below) BUT

    Coincidentally looking at 2nd hand SP Prestige 2moro which sounds nice but will probably keep Concerto even if I buy the Prestige.

    A friend always swore by his Wilson (which he had stolen)

    Note, also that mouthpieces make HUGE difference I play on large 1 1/2 G Bach...

    Good luck - each to their own..
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    Knowing Cliff, he'll tell you ALL about it!
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    The only reason David Childs is playing other than a Prestige is SPONSORSHIP! WE all know that the Prestige is the Dogs Gonads, so why bother with anything else. I know that there have been the odd prob or two with them, but I have not had ANY probs with mine and its 18 mths old now, and I think I will have it in my coffin when I'me eventually buried!
  13. zak

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    Are you sponsored by besson then because your sweeping statement is just as biased!! ;) :biggrin:
  14. Seconded!!! I think the yorks are set to be amazing!

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Well very interesting, actually when I got the Concerto I did some promo work on it so even then you coudl class it as sponsorship. I suppose it's about what you do with it.. I remember hearing a big Sovereign in he Mahler Symphony and was just to 'wallowy' (is that a good word) no deffinition and projection ??----

    In that instance for sure the smaller more direct instruments such as the Sterling Concerto and Wilson work better (or even old Imperials)

    BTW anyone playing Virtuosi? I hear good comments ??

    Also I have afriend in Germany who really likes the Meinl.


    As I mentioned earlier, the Prestige I looked at this afternmoon was excelent (BUT DIFFERENT) so bought it anyway... (thanks Steve)

    I'm sure the debate goes on..

    Just 'cos you own a Porsche doesn't stop you driving a Ferrari !
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    cant rele believe bandsman1 when he says he's had no problems with a prestige that he's owned for 18 months. i mean ok mechanically there might not have been a problem. the lacquer / silver plating might have also not come off. this doesn't mean its a good instrument just because its not falling to pieces.

    i have owned my prestige now for just short of 2 years, and of course quite like it. as was mentioned earlier by andyeuph (alright griff!) the new xeno prototype euphs are nearly ready. there were two flavours available, a medium and large bore. i picked up my prestige straight after blowing each and the only way i can think of describing it was like blowing against back pressure that wasnt there. the large bore xeno was incredibly responsive and gave so much feedback about what was going on to my lip. the medium bore was alright however i was quite taken immediately with the larger one. go yamaha!

    it's strange. my prestige works great, no mechanical faults except the odd annoyingly often sticky valve at cruicial moments on a contest stage but in my opinion just because it works doesnt make it a good euph. you gota try as many as you can, and in my opinion the new xeno is set to be the mustard.
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    Dear Mr Bandsman1
    Have you tried a York? And do you think someone of David's calibre would just play on an instrument for sponsorship!! Having a hand in designing an instrument is the way to guarantee you play on an instrument you like. I am sure if David has a hand in it the instrument will be top notch.
  18. Mr Turner!

    I couldn't agree with you more, i think thats a poor comment! a musician of Mr Childs' caliber would not just play a york becoz of the supponsership! Thats ridiculous! And why would Black Dyke equip the band with York if they were average? Sorry but comments like that can seriously offend! It was a low blow!

    BTW, have Cory also equip the band with the instruments?