What Euphonium to look to purchase

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    I am moving back to a Euphonium seat after playing baritone for the past three years
    I want to buy my own instrument and will be restricted by budget to looking for a 2nd user.
    Euphonium was my only instrument when playing seriously in the 1970's and 1980's and I used to play a large Sovereign, which I loved, but it is all that I really have experience of
    I have people looking for me and my realistic budget is £2k (preferable) to £3k (if I really had to)
    I would not know what to do with triggers and things that I have seen recently on modern instruments being used
    I have simple requirements of a solid round tone and easy action on the valves along with comfortable playing position
    I know that the what is right for one person in not necessarilly right for another but I would appreciate any independant advice that anyone could give
    Plus, there may be someone out ther looking to sell an instrument that may match my needs?

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    Hi, we have 2 excellent Euphoniums from our Eastman & Helios Range available.

    Feel free to visit both of our web sites for more info



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    instruments are such personal thing, imho its a really bad idea to buy without trying first, or to rely too much on other peoples' reccommendations - I've seen it go horribly wrong for people! If you know a Sovereign worked for you I would try to get a 2nd hand one, otherwise enlist the help of other euph players in your area and/or get down to a supplier to have a blow on as many different models as you can before you spend any money.
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    Hi Steve.

    The Sovereign is still a good instrument and probably what you're most likely to find on the second hand market, but a Prestige, a York, Sterling or Yamaha are all good options too. LMI produced a lovely sounding euph but you don't see many of these around. I had a blow on a Willson a few years ago and was very impressed indeed, but again these are pretty rare.

    The only one i wouldn't consider is the Cortois. Although i've never played one myself, a good number of my fellow bandsmen have told me how bad they are so are probably best avoided.

    Don't be put off by a euph with a trigger. All euphoniums have tuning issues to some degree, and using the trigger is the easiest way of correcting these, rather than having to false finger certain notes.

    Hope all this helps.