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  1. I'm after advice from any percussionists out there.

    Our band organisation consists of a Brass Academy which is flourishing at the moment. It's made up of a Training Band for new starters who then progress onto the Academy Band for intermediate players or players who don't want the full commitment needed to play in the senior Town Band.

    The Academy Has a couple of percussionists - one in the Training Band and one n the Academy Band. Both are still learning but are very talented and we want to try and bring them on. At the moment they are using the kit of the senior band but we'd ideally like to buy them a good (but not too expensive) student type kit to avoid any damage to the expensive Town Band gear.

    Can anyone recommend a decent full size starter kit which could be used for both kids and adults if needed? And any decent stockists would be useful.


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    Im a bit out off exsacly wat is out there in comparing diffrent kits but havn had a brief look recently the new Perl exsport seiries kits look pretty good they do 3 ranges there a good standerd kit which are hugely poperler all over the wourld availble vertally evrywear normans may do u a good deel you will need to check the websites tho to find out the exsact price ranges for each model, shouldnt be no more than about £600 for the top spec version plus they are very very sturdy.
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    We purchased one of these Arbiter "Flats" kits, initially for the youth band, as it was dead easy to set up and lug about. We dont actually use the big Premier kit at all now, as the Flats get used for both bands, cos its so light and easy to use.

    Think it was quite cheap (£239 from Normans), and folds up into 2 bags, that you can carry over your shoulder! Ideal if your like us and don't own band hall and everything gets packed into a cupboard at end of night or you've alot of concerts to do. The cymbals were like dustbin lids tho and snare isnt up to much, but we just use the good cymbals and snare off the Premier kit which works well!

    A cheap kit if your not fussed, and but probably you'll not beat the Premier or Pearl kits if you want a full kit.
  4. We got an Arbiter flats lite kit at school when I was there. We took it with us on a music Tour to Barcelona. It stood up to stage band drumming etc.. ,my only reservation was the bass drum situation ,in my opinion I thought the "bass drum" was terrible.

    Perhaps the Pro is better?

    A good feeling bass drum is essential to feeling comfortable on a kit ,it literally is like hitting a cushion. The toms sound nice though and it packs down very small. The snare is about 8/9 inches and has a reasonable sound to it. I'm used to playing on that size now though because I have a Roland TD6KV mesh head snare drum on my kit.

    Unless the Pro is much better ,I wouldn't advise a flats for a regularly used kit for concerts or anything.

    It's portability for one offs is superb.
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    I would advise against the Arbiter 'flats' kit too! A training band need a kit which can make a reasonable sound without any hard work involved! The 'flats' kit only has one head for each drum, therefore, has little resonance.

    I would advise that you look at something like the Pearl Export (or the 'Forum' is their cheaper model), Yamaha Stage Custom or the Premier Cabria. All of these kits are robust and will take a decent trashing!! Most places will cut a deal with the cymbals too.

    Try Drumwright in Reading - www.drumwright.co.uk for a good variety.

    Beware or the budget kits - Session Pro / Pro Perc etc. Although they are ok for personal kits, in a band enviroment they probably won't last as the hardware is not strong.
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    As an afterthought - you should be able to buy VAT free now too!
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    Pearl Export... Yamaha Stage Custom.... Premier if you're on a tight budget.... dont get the flats for a band.... it's a fun toy and good practise kit.... that's it.

    If you want something different, and you have a decent drummer (espeially for senior band stuff really) then go for the TAMA Superstar...... they are absolutly goreous!!!!!!!!! :D
  8. Why not get a double bass pedal too

    Any people out there utilise a double pedal for Brass bands? :D
  9. Hello Aidan ,My Dad spoke to you about drum lessons.He told me that you are very busy ,but if you do get any vacancies/spare time I would like to take you up on some of your expertise. Contact me at burtonalbion@gmail.com if you can help at any point.

    Cheers , all the best
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    Our drummer borrowed a double bass pedal for a gig last week, only because he'd sprained his ankle earlier in the day. he played the whole gig left footed - Good Effort.

    I used to have a drummer that used double bass, specially if there was a free drum solo on the program!

    I Don't think you can go far wrong with a pearl series, simple and effective.
    having said that. . . i know a guy who's got a Yamaha Jungle kit, Bass drum 18" mounted tom 10" and floor tom 13", Picilo snare 13". He uses 13" hats, and regular cymbals. A brilliant little kit, really funky sound, £500 with cases - Scherarers, Leeds double skined all round. highly recomended.
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    I would Go for Perl But Mapex Make a good drum kit for students
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    I have been playing and teaching percussion for years and I always reccomend the pearl export, its a great sounding kit and the hardware is road worthy,its also available in some nice finishes.Id reccomend the the fusion kit which is slightly smaller (22",10",12",14", 14") but is more of a universal kit and fits with any music style.ABC music in Harrogate are great and sell these really cheap and sometimes have second hands one's in.
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    which ever makes the loudest bang??? :tongue:
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    Bloomin' brass players...the quality of bang is all important, not just the volume.


  15. Would agree with this. I own a Pearl Export as well as a Roland TD6KV. I've played on a number of kits ,including a mapex and various premier APK's/XPK'S/Cabria type which are in the same kind of bracket as the Export. I always go back to the export when giving my opinion to anyone who wants a decent kit for not too much money.

    Out of interest ,does any band use an electric kit? The only thing they do not really like are the traditional buzz roll as they work on pressure sensors.