What do you want and what's your perception of tMP: all opinions welcome

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  1. TheMusicMan

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    Hi All

    Can I first take this opportunity of extending the seasons greetings to you and your families, and to thank you for continuing to support and use tMP throughout 2006.

    As we head towards Christmas and the end of another extremely busy year, and also towards the exciting (for me anyway!) 'half a million posts' milestone - I wanted to ask if you would mind taking just a few minutes of your time by providing your opinion, feedback and comments on how you actually perceive tMP and on the services we provide on the site.

    By so doing would help me enormously. I certainly value the opinion of everyone here; I assure you I do listen, and your thoughts certainly do contribute to my thoughts and strategies as to how we develop and introduce new ideas, how we filter dead wood and remove old ideas, and how we continue to take tMP forward and into 2007 & beyond.

    Some here may know one of my mantra's and is one that I have stated here on tMP several times, which is: "If you always do what you did, you will always get what you got".

    So with this comment very much in mind please fire away and let me have your thoughts. What do you like on tMP, what do you not like, what do you want to see, what do you not want to see? What's missing? How is the level of moderation and control - do we need more/less? Do we appear friendly and welcoming? Should we take a tougher stance on troublemakers etc? Your feedback and more on these type of questions would be very valuable to me.

    So, please feel free to comment folks, here in this thread or if you prefer, in a PM... I wait with baited breath.

  2. DublinBass

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    I very much like how everybody can have their say and so I don't suggest limiting that at all. However, on some of the advice threads in the rehearsal room, sometimes there can be so much advice given (often conflicting) and it's difficult to decide for oneself who to follow (especially as some posters choose to remain anonymous...which BTW I don't think we should stop either).

    From time to time, I have seen well repected musicians like Philip Sparke, Phil Green, Chris Doran, etc... offer their opinions. It might be nice to try to official get some musicial specialists on tMP staff involved in all those types of threads (that's not to say say of the tMP staff couldn't and doesn't already fill this capacity).. I know alot of other 'experts' read tMP as I recognise them by their usernames and they do pop on here quite often, but it might be nice to encourage them to share their expertise more somehow (not sure how...if simply a title would do or not).
  3. Steve Marcus

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    I agree with PJ, John. As long as posts to these experts are kept in a respectable, non-inflammatory fashion, it would be a valuable, informative, and entertaining feature of tMP.

    How about some live chats with brass band luminaries?
  4. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    I will consider possible developmental areas when I am not suffering from mental indigestion as a result of the million and one things I have, as Im sure most everyone else has to do in relation to the Christmas preparations!
    However, I would like to say that there is very little if anything I could, with my hand on heart, criticize. I believe tmp is a brilliant concept, and testimony to that is the level usage by bands and individuals et al, not just in the UK but around the world.
    You have provided a platform and environment which is user friendly and importantly does not discriminate between the elite and the less able in terms of paying ability, knowledge or age etc....The controls in place seem more than reasonable in terms of good site management, the variety of topics is something else and the support offered by tmp and its members, not only for what is close to my passion but many other worthy causes and individuals is at the very least, highly commendable if not inspirational.
    In short, tmp.com in my opinion is certainly at the cutting edge and is a bench mark for any aspiring web based voice.
    Thank you John and the team, outstanding work and long may it continue.
  5. Anno Draconis

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    I'd just like to echo what Bob said. When I first joined tMP I was already a member of a few other internet forums (not band-related) and was used to much less moderation - often by only one or two moderators. The moderating "style" on tMP is quite different to the forums I'd been used to, and over the last year or so of membership I've come to the conclusion that it's much, much better - especially considering that all the mods are volunteers. Even the most contentious threads are kept out of the usual internet abyss of trolling and flaming by the careful work of the moderators, without whom this site would be much harder to enjoy. A good indication of the customer "satisfaction" the site has is the number of people prepared to dip their hand in their pocket to support it - unknown on other sites I visit. So well done, John and the team, and thanks very much!:clap: (oh and Merry Christmas) ;) :icon_cool:

    One thing I would love to see (and I'm not sure how practical this is) is an "ask the experts" area. At the moment, if a question is posted in the general forum (about, for instance, triple tonguing technique or copyright issues) anyone can answer it and, although advice is always given with the best intentions, sometimes it isn't neccesarily accurate. I don't know how the site format would accomodate this, but if you had an area where, once a question had been posted, only members designated "expert moderators" could respond, the quality of the advice given could be a bit more consistent. For instance, there was a thread recently about a sop player getting headaches while playing, which generated a lot of comment from people like me with no medical knowledge whatsoever. If you could armtwist a few of tMP's members with medical qualifications to be the "expert mods" for that sort of question the advice given might be a bit more "focussed". Off the top of my head I can think of 3 composing/arranging experts, a recording expert and oh, loads of technique/performance experts who might be convinced to take part, I'm sure there are lots more. Of course, questions posted in the "ask the experts" area might have to wait a couple of days for a response, but there would be more chance of getting really good advice. Of course questions could still be posted in the general forum areas if posters wanted advice from all and sundry.

    Just a thought, anyway.....:)
  6. persins

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    I agree that the level of moderation is just about right! The Mods tend to give everyone fair treatment and warnings before taking decisive action and also give the impression that they are always in control of what is published on the site.

    With reference to the suggetions above regarding focussing the threads to answer specific questions, how about having a type of thread specifically for questions?
    On a business application support forum, members can label their threads as questions and mark it as closed when they feel that it has been answered successfully.
    You can also assign "points" to individual members for more helpful and accurate posts. Perhaps introducing an award for most forum points / questions answered could be introduced as an incentive?
    Although this would primarily work for specific questions, it could also keep people more on topic in general.