What do the "pro's" play on?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by B(r)assBone, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. B(r)assBone

    B(r)assBone Member

    Does anybody know what instrument, setup and mouthpiece, our pro role models play on? For example, Andrew Williams Bass Trombone of the Cory Band. What does he blow? Anybody insider information about that?
  2. hes playing an edwards from the looks of it, chris thomas is on a edwards as well. all of dyke are on raths.
  3. Bass Trumpet

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    I wasn't aware anybody playing in brass bands was a pro.

    See the 'professionals thread' for lots of long, involved, uninformed and prejudiced views on the subject. To avoid such cans of worms, perhaps our lovely moderators could change the thread title to 'top players' instead to avoid confusion (and trolling).
  4. bobbyp

    bobbyp Member

    The guy from Tredegar uses an Edwards but with a Thein(?) replacement bell, which looks like its about 13 inches in diameter (huge!) and also a tone ring. No idea about the mouthpiece though.
  5. B(r)assBone

    B(r)assBone Member

    I think it is 9.5" or even 10" Bell flare in Yellow and sometimes Gold Brass. From what I hear it is not too heavy and also not too leight weight.

    I still guessing what Mouthpiece it could be. Maybe a Bach or even Bach Megatone?
  6. B(r)assBone

    B(r)assBone Member

    Also an interesting aspect! Do you think the sound is mostly influenced by the Bell and the Playing Behaviour by the rest of the instrument, or do you think the influence of the bell is secondary?
  7. B(r)assBone

    B(r)assBone Member

    Hhm, okay mabe I am wrong on that. There are mostly students and professional players in the Brass Band Oberoesterreich, I think. So I came to the term "Pro".

    I couldn't find a Thread about Pros and their instruments/settings they play. Do you know if there is anything like that in the forum?
  8. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas Member

    Andrew plays a pretty standard Edwards bass trombone. His only fashion accessory is a sterling silver leadpipe.

    It's what goes on between his hairy ears that makes him a superb musician. I've been privileged to sit in the same section as him for almost 20 years; in my experience, nobody understands the job better.

  9. B(r)assBone

    B(r)assBone Member

    Chris, you also do! I've listened to so many records and in my opinion your Trombone Section is the best! I can hear that at least you and Andrew have been playing together for long time.

    But I think it's not only what goes on between his ears, I also think he has the right equipment (combination of Trombone, Setting and Mouthpiece) that makes him sound that way. To my ears his sound is full, rich, dark when needed and the right proportion of sizzle in the tone ;-)
    Think back to "Into the Light" and "Hail the Dragon"

    Your tone quality and sound is also superb and it's always hard to believe that you guys are doing that just for fund and not for your living ;-)

    So, when you say it is pretty much Standard Equipment (beside the leadpipe), does it mean he plays on a Standard Weight 9.5" inch bell (which I think is small for a Bass Trombone) and a huge Mouthpiece like a Bach 1G??
  10. bobbyp

    bobbyp Member

    I dont know if its mostly influenced by the bell, i mean i dont think any part of an instrument can have the majority of the influence in regards to its sound, but things can make a huge difference. The huge bell certainly helps in regards to volume, but then again i cant comment on that exclusively as i dont know what he could play like with the original edwards bell. He may have changed it for completely different reasons, but in my opinion i think it is the volume aspect, he certainly numbed my left ear and i was in the bass section!
  11. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas Member

    Just pm'd you Andy's email address.
  12. GeordieSop

    GeordieSop Member

    i believe richard marshall plays on a Denis Wick 2
  13. B(r)assBone

    B(r)assBone Member

    ;-) For a Bass Trombonist this is a good compliment!

    I think there are always different aspects, as you said in regards of volume, but also in regards of a throaty sound.
  14. B(r)assBone

    B(r)assBone Member

    I am not so much familiar with Cornet, so is this a small or a big mouthpiece for a Cornet?
  15. Bones

    Bones Member

    You;ve hit the nail on the head there Chris, you get consistency in the section then you get some awesome performances, it is the same with pro orchestras and big bands.

    In my opinion, the choice of equipment is a section thing..... Pro orchestras tend to veer towards conns. In my opinion Bands should follow suit, if one plays edwards then they all should. Sadly in my band, I am on a conn (the best) followed by an edwards then a rath bass. Mind you we make a decent job of it...
  16. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    If you're talking bass trombones, here's what most people play on:

    LSO/Paul Milner uses a slightly modified Bach 50B2
    LPO/Lyndon Meredith uses a Rath
    Philharmonia/Christian Jones uses a Conn 62H (he has two of them called 'Ant' and 'Dec' because he can't tell them apart!))
    RPO/Roger Argente uses an Edwards
    BBCSO/Rob O'Neil uses a Conn (old Elkhart one, can't remember the model number)
    ROH/Keith McNichol uses a Conn (old one with slide tuning)
    ROH/Pat Jackman uses a Holton TR181
    ENO/Les Lake (retired) uses a Reynolds Contempora
    CBSO/Dave Vines uses an Edwards
    BBCNOW/Darren Smith uses an Edwards
    Halle/Adrian Morris uses an Edwards
    Scottish Opera/Chris Stearn uses a Holton

    So, there you go. I could think of a few more but this was off the top of my head. Unlike tenor players who mainly go for Conns (probably about 95%), bass trombonists are using a fairly broad sweep of different instruments. As far as mouthpieces are concerned, I think they mainly plump for Bach 1 1/2 or 1 1/4 G.

    The blending thing is not always cut-and-dried, as the players themselves have different sounds. Also, with the options available on the more modern instruments (like Rath and Edwards), it's possible to choose all sorts of combinations to suit the sound required.
  17. Bones

    Bones Member

    Interesting Duncan, that whilst Bass trom tend to go their own way, tenor players stick with Conns. In your experience why do you think that is...
  18. tgfoxley

    tgfoxley Member

    Wick 2?

    Bucket :wink:
  19. B(r)assBone

    B(r)assBone Member

  20. B(r)assBone

    B(r)assBone Member

    Hi Duncan,

    thanks for this listing! I did not realize that so many are playing on a Conn. Did not have the opportunity to play one, so far. But since so many play on them, I would be worth it trying them out ;-)
    From Edwards, I know that they are real good instruments, as I played one for a couple of years... :tup

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