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    Evening all <-------Best Dixon of Dock Green voice.

    I'm Kev.
    I was born at an early age. I now live in Romford, but I am only on loan to Essex from the fair county of Norfolk.
    I live with my partner, and I have 2 soon to be step children - one boy 9 and one girl 10, plus I also have a little 2year old daugter who was, as they say, all my own work. :clap: :eek: She actually attended the Hadleigh rehearsal, but I fear was more interested in John's chicken sandwich!! :confused: :confused:
    I learned to play an instrument in the Salvation Army in my home town. On leaving school, I served for 10 years as a euphonium player in one of HM forces band.
    Since leaving the forces, I have played with Matthews Norfolk Brass and Staines Brass, and have helped many other bands out as well.
    At present I am teaching music at a secondary school in Wickford, on a GTP scheme, hopefully getting full qualified teacher status at the end of the year.

    Errrrrrrmmmmmmmm, I think that's it.

    Evening all <--------Doxon of Dick Green voice again.
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    Hi Kev and :hi.

    Thanks for dropping in. :biggrin: