What comes first, committe or constitution?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Brassy Lady, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Brassy Lady

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    What comes first, committee or constitution?

    Hope someone out there can help..!
    Have recently resurrected a training band that had all but died except in name - a few youngsters being given 'tuition', but no band, suitable music or organisation. We now have 20 learners and players, able to perform out, and think it's time to form a committee so we can concentrate on the band side of things BUT no-one connected with the band previously can locate the existing constitution (and we need one to be eligible for funding).

    So.... the question is, do we draft a new constitution and then form a committee to approve it OR form a committee and then let them sort out a constitution???

    Helen :confused:
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  2. TheMusicMan

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    You really do need both a constitution and control group to get this off the ground Helen. So, if it's a Commitee or a Management Team you need - makes no diference as you will need one of those and the constitution at some stage.

    What I'd suggest is to commence the drafting of a constitution / rules & policy document (and you should find lot's of info on those here on tMP) while considering how you propose to run the band.

    [Another thing - if you decide that the band is going to be yours (ie a business), then you don't effectively need a constitution per sé as the band is yours - and yours to manage. Always good to have a set of guidelines though so as expectations can be set and managed accordingly.]

    As and when you get a group of people together who will form the managament of the band, then you will have the basis of (1) an agenda and (2) the rules!

    Good luck.
  3. tubafran

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    Think it's been mentioned on another thread but you can run a band without a consitution - what you do need and you probably have are the people to manage the band.

    Simple, get a group of interested people together - get hold of a standard constitution for a similar organisation - I think the Arts Council used to have model constitutions then tailor it to suit you and then it will probably need an Extraordinary Meeting of the band to approve and accept the constitution.

    If you are going for grants and you are a training band it will need to incorporate Equal Oportunities and Child Protection Policy and presummably you will have arrange Criminal Record Checks on the relevant people - conductor, welfare officer etc.

    Excellent Child Protection Policy on the BFBB site as a download

    and a Model Constitution for an amdram group that could be adapted to suit you

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  4. Brassy Lady

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    Hi guys
    Thanks for the advice, and have found lots of useful info. CRB checks had been done already; we are now drafting the constitution, and aim to call an Extraordinary meeting in the new year. CRB checks had been done already.
    Thank you
  5. persins

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    So which did you do first?

    Did you begin drafting the constitution on your own first or start the beginnings of a management team / committee?!!
  6. Brassy Lady

    Brassy Lady Member

    Sort of running consecutively really; we are drafting the constitution whilst starting to get the parents (and older players) on side and ready to serve on the committee in the new year.
  7. Tootingtooter

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    Another thing to consider is if you want to apply for Registered Charity status. If so, then it's worth bearing in mind that as part of the procedure, the governing document (which is often a Constitution) needs to be approved as part of this process.

    As you don't currently have a governing document, it might be worth basing your one on one of their model ones, which can be found on their website (http://www.charity-commission.gov.uk/registration/default.asp), so that it will make it easier in the furture if you want to register yourselves as a charity.


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