What car should i get?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Crazysop, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Crazysop

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    I'm going to go buy me a new car this summer but have no idea what I should go for. I really fancy a renault clio in black but then again I fancy a corsa or a peugeot 206 or maybe a fiat punto or possibly a Yaris I don't really know! :confused: Ive spent ages on various websites looking at car reviews but am more undecided and confused than ever now!
    I'm looking at spending up to a max of 6k.
    I want a good looking fairly small car but with a bit of oomph as I'm on the motorway everyday. Mod cons would be ace like air con and somewhere to plug my tunes into! and it must have a big enough boot for the random **** that is a banders (and teachers) essentials which is why I dont think I'll go for a mini.
    I've got an S reg micra 1.0 at the mo it's ok just slow and getting old and rattly. Also should I go for a brand new car or a couple of years old car? I'm hopeless at cars!!!
    Any advice or recommendations??What should i definitely not go for? Whats the best small car since sliced bread?
  2. six pints

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    The best small car is a honda jazz, and there are a few around for less then 6K on autotrader. But, bear in mind I dont even have a provisional driving licence, and hence really shouldnt be giving any form of advice!
  3. bigcol

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    The C1/Toyota Ago/Pug 107 (they are the same car, believe it or not) is very well thought of and is 6Kish new, and has plenty of toys. They might be a little small and underpowered for you though. Tis what I would by if presented with the challenge!

    The 206/207s are a bit dated now, not what I would get, but solid cars nonetheless.

    I have a soft spot for the C2 - it has take it or leave it looks and the diesel is ridiculously frugal (~70mpg) but it is a cool car if you like that sort of thing.

    However I think the best car for you is a Clio - cool and chic, year-old models are in your price range, big on the inside.
  4. Lauradoll

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    I bought a new Suzuki Swift in March- would highly recommend it. Lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin it!!! :)

    Looks funky, dream to drive, has cup holders in the front and a bit to put your cd's in, can attach MP3 player and stuff into it too. Boot is fairly spacious and has stereo remote buttons on the steering wheel and a funky little drawer to store things in under the passenger seat.

    Think they actually start at 8k, you might get a used one for less though!

    I love mine :) :)

    CAVBASSMAN New Member

    The Skoda Fabia, Mazda 2 and New Micra have Air Con as standard. I've had all 3 as rental cars and all are pretty good on Motorways. Skoda have now lost their reputation as a bad car dealer and is the cheapest on the second hand car market. If you wan't economy the diesel version is excellent. They are owned by VW so build and reliability are very good.
  6. Bungle

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    A good place for reviews and prices is Parkers, which is now on line. From memory, the last time I purchased their book the Ford Focus had one on the best ratings and looking at their website, looks like they are still highly rated.

  7. NeilW

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    I've just bought a Smart Roadster Coupe.


    There's just enough room in the back for my euph in its Hiscox hard case (though I can't open the roof when its in the back) - there lots of room for the baritone I'm playing at the moment. In for front there's room for a horn and other bits and pieces.

    Quite unusual - not many on the road.

    Cheap on petrol (50+ MPG) from the 700cc turbo-charged engine and fun to drive. Only bad bit: the gearbox, though I'm hoping there's a "software change" that will speed that up when its out of warranty.

  8. Texus

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    Had a Corsa courtesy car a while back. Slow, poor handling and quite boring...
    The adverts also really annoy me!
  9. nella01

    nella01 New Member

    I have a skoda fabia VRS, love it, best car I have ever had for reliability and performance. Currently getting 57 mpg out of it, not bad for a diesel...
  10. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

    OOOh the smart raodster looks a bit nice.............................! another one to add to my maybe list!
  11. gawber

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    I bought a Clio in 1998 and I love it! It's only got 26000 miles on the clock. I wouldn't even be thinking about changing it but my youngest is 17 this month and has claimed it for when he passes his test. I would be quite happy to buy another Clio in it's place but my old man wants me to get a Smart Roadster! Spooky! :shock:
  12. brassed_off

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    Must put in another vote for the Peugeot 107, expecially in citrus yellow! Ok, yes so you get called Noddy for a while (had it since September 06!!! and apparently it doesn't get old) but it fits all the teacher **** in and with the back seats down takes loads, including in one load: a mountain bike, bike rack, weekend bags and a cornet. Also can have air con and has a place to plug in your tunes. And a cool little 4 CD holder either side of the handbreak. Under 6k too. If you don't fancy the yellow the other free colour is bright red. But you can pay extra for the slightly more sane colours..... but that would be boring! I'd rather have the air con than silver glitter paint. At least people see you coming in yellow!
  13. brassed_off

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    Forgot the important bit. The 107 is the lowest catergory for insurance unless you have a motorbike, plus it's only about £50 tax year and does GREAT mileage.
  14. NeilW

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    I ought to point out that the picture is of a "Brabus" Roadster-Coupe (more power, fancy bodywork + other goodies) and that they are Insurance Group 13-14 according to Parkers' Guide. Motorway speed is not a problem and the seats are very comfortable (even my wife says so!)

    The "normal" versions are IG 10-12 in the same source.

    You ought to be able to find a regular Roadster-Coupe for £6000 quite easily

    (keeper of Silver Smartie - a modern classic
    and a Polo 1.0 which though IG 3, costs WAY more to insure :) )
  15. tweetipie21

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  16. Crazysop

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    Wow, ive not really looked at those, will give it some more thought. Have been pricing up clios today and theres two nice black clio dynamiqes sat in a forecourt 3.5 miles from my house in my price range! wow, but im not going to rush into anything until ive considered all the options!
    Although im dead excited, and my car is sounding more like a JCB everyday.......
  17. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

    Just had a look at those c1's aygos and 107's, and they do look good but i wont be gaining anything on the engine size however the toys look good!!
  18. NeilW

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    I don't!

    I bought a motorbike and sold my own car many years ago so I could stop playing bass myself :)

    For gigs, the basses go in the same van as the percussion and all the rest of the big stuff we need....

    As its my turn to drive tomorrow night, I'll be taking a horn player to band - no problem!
  19. Lewis Chris

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    A lad has one at Colchester band, and he takes the bass player and instrument everywhere.

    It is worth pointing out the bass is out of its case and in/on the passenger seat with the player somehow. Quite a squash, ruins the mpg and the handling, lol.
  20. BryonySnell

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    I bought a 6 month old VW Polo S in March and I love it!

    I only needed a small car but I wanted a bit of class too, I did however pay a couple of grand more than you are looking at, and I had a good deal..... But it is a fantastic car. I only have one regret, I should have bought a SE so I could have had remote central locking, trouble is it was hard enough finding one let alone an SE that I could afford!

    Anyway good luck car hunting!