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    I have been writing brass band nostalgia for many years, initially for the Brass Review, then 4barsrest, and for the last two years for the British Bandsman.

    Having written two books already for Gloucesteshire based publishers The History Press. When they commissioned me to write a third one, extending my magazine stories on brass band nostalgia into a 128 book was the next challenge.

    I was prompted into researching the subject by a desire to find out where some of the great performers of yesteryear were today; who are these composers and arrangers whose name you can find in the top left or top right-hand corners of a piece of music?

    • An inside view of personalities from the world of brass bands (both living and deceased), the impact it had on their lives and those people around them.
    • A fascinating insight into some of the foremost figures in both their own banding area and the national scene.
    • Evoking many happy memories for those who have been involved with bands at any level over the years.
    • An essential record of life in the mill towns as it once was. A triumphant celebration of a community that lives on into the twenty-first century.
    • Illustrated with over 100 archive photographs from private collections.
    The book is priced at £12.99 + £2 p/p (UK) and can be purchased through the author Chris Helme at Tower House, Holme Mews, Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe, Halifax HX3 8TY - if you would like some further information please contact me via private message. An order form can be downloaded from my website by following the publications menu button.


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