What bands are playing at Butlins?

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    Im glad you changed your opinion by the last quoted comment, I think Dyke and grimethorpe would have to play very well indeed to better them. I am however quite biased towards them as I have a good friend playing sop for them !

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    It's likely the best bands have 'end chairs' on a par with Kings Div band, but no one - not even the Corys and Dykes of this world can boast a full compliment of full time pro musicians trained to such a high standard right the way down to the bottom of each section. It's this strength in depth that likely means they will be the best brass band in the UK for the foreseeable. The folk calling for them to contest would likely be the first ones to cry foul when the Kings Div went on to a Grand Slam of Open and National titles. By the sounds of things they would likely clean up at Brass in concert too.
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    I'm sure you're right. It just seems strange that they got beat at whit friday by village bands considering they spend all day rehearsing marches.
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    just shows how bad most of the adjudications are that weekend eh !

  6. They are an excellent band but from my 10 years plus as a musician in the army and with the people I know that are still there a lot of the corner men would have come from Championship bands already. Most musicians are already at a high standard before they join up.
    One current musician who is still in the forces and plays brass bands is John Hammond at Rothwell and he is superb on Cornet and Sop and the principal Cornet player Tim Hammond is ex army. So to say that they would clean up at contest would be wrong. I will admit that it would be a great to see them compete against the best in the business and it would be interesting
    One last point some mentioned about marches. Army bands don't practice then every day.

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