What bands are playing at Butlins?

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    Indeed! I mean, fancy tipping Desford to win, to then find out literally moments later that they can't compete in this contest!

    I must say, I am feeling rather red faced right now.:oops:
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    You are absolutely right Flowers will be huge, and deservedly so, favourites to win. As the only to Band to beat them at Butlins in the last 4 years though, we at GUS are working very hard to give them a run for their money.
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    Thanks for the link.

    May I be the first to congratulate Thoresby Colliery on their success as the highest placed mining band.
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    Quite fitting when you consider our pit closes in later on this year! It'll be our last appearance at the Mineworkers' Championship representing a working pit.
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    In the absence of Paddy Flower anyone interested in testing their prediction skills PM me your top 6 for each section and I'll put together some sort of results, I'll add All4Brass and 4BrasRest predictions as well to see just how good they really are.
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    Death toll for Butlins?

    Is Butlins invitation only? I have not reason to doubt you, although 4BR seems to suggest that the top bands are literally running scared.
    Either way, I can't help thinking that if the organisers don't do something next year then the popularity of Butlins will decline. This year was totally predictable, barely qualified as a real contest in the Champ section and the link to mineworkers completely eroded by a band winning the award before a note had even been played.
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    Hmm....... The 4barsrest article makes for interesting reading. I always thought that events like the RNCM Festival of Brass (top bands only) and the fact that some of the top bands can do a couple of concerts and earn ten grand without the hassle were the reasons why they did not attend. Having read the 4barsest article I am now thinking that perhaps the top bands are running scared, with the exception of the unforced errors in the set test and the untidy playing in the entertainment set ( can always happen with "lesser" bands) they seem to have won everything except the 4barsrest special band manager award and I'm sure Flowers band manger does not need an award for people to know he's a bit special.
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    It's an interesting question, and assuming the figures you mention the top bands earning per concert are accurate, how big would the Butlins prize need to be for the best bands to risk their massive reputations (and ego's)? Does there now exist a situation where even to enter Butlins a top band would lose perceived status /reputation even if they won? My own opinion is that Butlins has replaced the old Pontins contest in terms of quality, rather than the old Mineworkers contest in it's pomp.
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    I imagine a top band would attend and risk their massive reputations and egos for a £5,000 concert on the friday night plus free a accomodation for the full weekend plus the formality of the £10,000 first prize
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    Thanks for the link from 4barsrest. An interesting read like stated above. I am not to familiar with the politics of big bands however I felt Butlins was a great event and really doubt face would be lost by increasing the bar of competition. The championship bands had the chance to win £10k for each competition plus a bit extra plus some concert money I guess and if I have things correct. I would assume that's a decent amount of money even in the Championship section plus I think it is great exposure and good for the band movement etc.
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    Its a no brainer, of course you would need at least two of the top bands to enter to make it worthwhile, but if something doesnt happen Butlins will go the way of (not withstanding the financial probs of the resort itself) Pontins.
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    I'm not sure if everyone posting here has ever been to this weekend, but to me Butlins always seems to be about much more than just the championship section. It always feels like a great banding weekend with lots of bandsmen and families supporting bands from all sections including youth. Once again this year the resort and of course the bars seemed full all weekend to the sound of good times and great music making. Yes its no longer dominated by the mining bands, but I guess thats inevitable given the decline in that industry. And the other great feature is that once their own contest is out the way, then the crowds from the lower sections flock to listen to the top section entertainment contest on the Sunday (huge queues all day), as well as the other concerts that are given. And they really appreciate those performing - its always a great atmosphere to perform in. Yes more top bands would be welcomed by everyone and it's their loss that they don't come along. That said, I know that the contest organisers are keen to see bands attend that buy into the whole ethos of the weekend i.e. turn up over 4 days, play well, socialise hard, meet new friends and listen to lots of bands from all sections. I am not sure that the really top bands would want (or have the time) to do that. Those that have attended (and done well) for the past few years buy into this and are party to the "Butlins" ethos. And lets hope the harbingers of doom out there aren't right and that this contest continues for years to come.
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    Lets hope the event carries on yes, but it can't be described as a contest, more like (as you have acknowledged) a 4 day drinking session culminating in Flowers being awarded a trophy.
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    As long as this many people are happy to pay through the nose to spend a weekend in the middle of winter in Skeggy there is no chance of this contest going away. Butlins are laughing all the way to the bank. Skeggy is a toilet, even in midsummer. Brass bands are enjoying a relationship with butlins that may perhaps most kindly be described as symbiotic. The big prize on the Sunday is paid for by three days of boozing by the lower sections, not by the hope that one of the top bands will turn up. Business, pure and simple.
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    Lord almighty, that's some statement.
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    lol, I had a different thought so thought I should ask. Anyway, having seen the drinking over the weekend plus the general accommodation and food fees I am sure it was very profitable for Butlins.
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    Not really. Quite obvious to anyone with half a brain that the 10k prize for Flowers is funded by the 60 odd bands in the sections below Championship. Works like a pyramid.
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    I find It hard to believe there are people who had not worked out the £10,000 first prize was paid for from revenues generated by lower section bands........I can see why bandings on its @*se
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    It's a revelation. Until now, I thought Butlins did it as a philanthropic effort to support the miners.

    If the biggest problem with Butlins is "The best band who regularly appear here has has got a bit better, so they keep winning", it's not much of a death sentence.
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