What are you reading at the moment?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Kerwintootle, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Kerwintootle

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    I had a quick trawl to see if anyone else had posted this, maybe I'm stupid but I couldn't find it.

    The Summer holidays are here and for me it is a yawning chasm of six weeks (I'm a teacher and mum), my kids are more than content to play out with their friends than to hang around with their old bag of a mum so I'm getting bored already.

    I've just finished a great book called, 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time' and I wanted to know of your choices of 'must read' books to while away the Summer.

    Anything you can recommend?

  2. Laserbeam bass

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    I recently read a book by a newish author called Lee Weekes called The Trophy Taker. I only picked it up for something to read on holiday, assuming to it to be another one of these who nicked the Holy Grail, or Will the (Insert your own ancient /less than modern relic here) save the world from a fate worse than a fate worse that death etc, ad infinitum, but to my surprise (failing to read the synopsis on the back) was a novel about a Eurasian Hong Kong Detective, on the trail of a serial killer who takes something form the body, and keeps it. It gives a pretty simple but effective explanation of how Hong Kong is now it is under Chinese rule, and the last vestiges of the colonials who are now outstaying their welcome, and want to go home.

    I have given very little of the plot away, but would recommend it for a bit of light reading in the rainy days that are sure to pass for an British Summer.

    If you take the opportunity to read it and find it sufficient for the time of year Lee Weekes is continuing with the main character, but sending him to London. This will be called the Trafficked, and I will be buying it when it comes out.
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  3. leisa

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    Anything by Marian Keyes or Sophie Kinsella for me, love a bit of chick lit. Otherwise Virginia Andrews are always good, flowers in the attick series, Rain series and the orphans series are pretty good
  4. steve butler

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    "A short history of tractors in Ukranian" is a great read if you liked the curious dog. been out a year or 2 so you may have read it, if not its available on Amazon.
  5. VenusTromster

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    I've just finished 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hossein. My Mum and Sister suggested it to me and I'm glad I read it. Something very different and opened my eyes a bit more to things that are happening in our world, in particular Afghanistan and how things changed so much there within 50 years.
  6. JesTperfect!

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    'Curious Incident...' is such a good book.
    Am currently re-reading the Harry Potter series (I do that at least once a year-I may have missed something!).
    If you're looking for some chick-lit then you can't beat 'P.S-i love You', or any of Jane Green's books, they're fab : )
  7. Jan H

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    I just finished reading "In Europa" ("In Europe") by Dutch journalist/amateur historian Geert Mak. he tells the history of the 20th century in Europe while travelling to the actual places were the stories took place. Amazing book, if it's translated in English already, I recommend it to everyone who is at least a little bit interested in our recent history. There also is a tv series made based on the book, which is sold to many countries, so you may get that in the UK as well.

    I'm now reading a book called "Het Schervengericht" ("Judgement by Shards"), by another Dutch author, A.F.Th van der Heijden. It won a couople of literary prizes last year, and it's quite interesting so far.I'v read about a quarter of the book now, but I still haven't got a real clue what direction the book is going to.
  8. Maestro

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    Anything by Bernard Cornwell or Simon Scarrow at the moment for me
  9. Anno Draconis

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    I've recently read Bill Bryson's biography of Shakespeare, which was ace, and 1421: The Year China Discovered the World by Gavin Menzies, which was fascinating although slightly less readable than Bryson.

    Also I know they're thought of as "kids books" but if you haven't read His Dark Materials you've missed a treat.
  10. PeterBale

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    I've just started reading "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop, which I bought for my wife having heard extracts on the radio. It's the story of a woman who was brought up in a extreme off-shoot of the Mormon church, and her struggle to get away as the group became more and more extreme.
  11. stevetrom

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    Roma, by Steven Saylor

    but a long day travelling tomorrow so I will have to find something new !
  12. Bayerd

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    Seconded. Nothing to do with my mum passing away and my dad looking for someone else tho.......................(honest).
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  13. AmandaD

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    Just finished re-reading the Inspector Banks series by Peter Robinson, good read, not too obvisous in the plot.

  14. Leyfy

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    'Superior Saturday' By Garth Nixx.

    Part of the 'Keys to the Kingdom' series. My friend bought it for me as a leaving gift.
  15. leisa

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    Oooo i love PS I Love you, never read the book but the films brilliany, i might read the book actually
  16. Kerwintootle

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    Thanks for all the replies. I'll be bombarding Amazon with orders.

  17. Kerwintootle

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    I've just bought
    The Trophy Taker for 1p!
    Escape (recommended by Peter) for £2.00
    A Short History of Tractors.... for 1p!!!!

  18. steve butler

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    Crikey! I'm going on now to see what I can get :D
  19. michellegarbutt

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    Just finished reading this, a very good book. I bought it off the bookstall at the Easingwold contest. For light reading I enjoy

    The constable series by Nicholas Rhea (the basis for Heartbeat)
    Anything by Gervaise Phinn (a school inspector in Yorkshire)
    Anything by Miss Read (a schoolteacher in the Cotswolds)
  20. horn1

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    I've been reading a lot of Anita Shreve books recently, The Pilots Wife and The Weight of Water were particularly good. I need to plan my holiday reading so I'll be watching this thread with interest!