What are we wearing?????

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  1. skippy

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    Come on guys!! We want ideas on new walking out and stage uniforms. We all pretty much wear the same uniforms at the mo. Personally, not totally against it, but let`s start with walking out`s. My Grandad wouldn`t choose to wear a double-breasted gold buttoned jacket, with a pair of grey slacks. Let alone a band personnel with the average age of 30. who chooses these things? surely there must be someone in every band that has a good eye for things like this. I would love to see the ladies of the banding world look like ladies again!
  2. Steve

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    Raunds Temperance recently replaced all their walking outs and while the men have stuck with blazers (although top notch single breated ones) the women can now be seen looking great in matching blue fitted jackets. A small step but certainly makes the band look better than having women in blazers.
  3. madsaz

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    I do think a tailored blouse for ladies would be better - just to avoid the tie. My moves inevitably outwards with my decolletage, then stays flapping in the wind when the decolletage stops - looking utterly ridiculous. A proper blouse would look far better.

    We have fairly new walking outs and the Blazers and trouser can stay - especially cos the nice tailor made my trousers bootcut which are far more flattering!
  4. Crazysop

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    I find that ladies especialy those with ample busoms, like myself, dont fit into mens blazers at all well, however tailored they are, they are still mens shape, not lady shaped, and therefore fit like sacks!!! Get your ladies some nice ladies jackets, they will look a lot smarter and feel a lot more comfy!!!!!!!
    P.S I wish my band would get lady shaped jackets!!!!
  5. Chunky

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    We do not have walking jackets, despite a few of us wanting them, but have polo shirts that we travel in.

    On stage we now the men wear black suits and bow ties and the ladies have a free choice as long as its black! Looking at photos we do look really smart!

    We still have our traditional style jackets which get worn for summer bandstand jobs and contests.
  6. PeterBale

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    When our festival tunics were made, tailored jackets were sorted out for the women in the band, although we don't have very many. One disadvantage with them is that, by the very nature of things, they will not necessarily be suitable for women who have joined the band since, and so one or two of our more recent arrivals are wearing spare men's tunics.

    If you have a large number of women, it may will be possible to have a range of spares to hand, but it is not really practical in our situation, although we did have a couple of extras made when we needed a few new ones a year or so back.

    I agree that they do look smarter, but equally if they are not a good fit, due to changing waist-lines or not being worn by the orginal model, they can look very out of place - more so than the men's tunics, that will hide a multitude of sins!
  7. jo

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    have seen a couple of our european counterparts (sorry, cant remember who cos I had a few shandies) at the masters where the men were in DJs and the ladies in black trousers with nice lady shaped black blouses/chiffony type tops (just like you would see in any orchestra in the land) which looked very smart and considerably less ridiculous than a bunch of women crammed every which way into mens clothing.....go on...let us be ladies!
  8. 2nd man down

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    ANY walking out jackets would be nice!! We're still working towards our first set!!!

    Anybody giving any away per chance?!?!? ;) :rolleyes:
  9. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    As I said above this is what we wear for concerts now, our ladies think its great and it always pays to keep them happy! All our audiences think it looks great too.
  10. Mark Bowater

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    Hey Skippy,

    I reckon anything other than Gold Black and Red would give the band aministrator a head ache. So what about Gold skirt, Black stockings, Red underwear.
  11. Daisy Duck

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    Our band is apparently looking into getting new jackets. We wear really boring light blue jackets which have a dark blue collar. They look rubbish and cheap.

    As a woman, I hate wearing a proper shirt with a velcro blue bow-tie. The only kind of blouses I can find that do up to the top are school ones and I wonder how some of the larger ladies of the band manage to find a white shirt that does all the way to the top. I'd rather wear a blouse.

    Our friends down the road at LGB (slight aside, if you've been to uni, you'll know why their name always makes me laugh... they have no idea!), have cool black polo t-shirts to wear on the day and then they change into really cool jackets for the actual contest / concert. Tassles and braiding galore! If you're going to do it, do it properly I say.

    I think people like to see a brass band wearing all the posh jackets. It just looks better!
  12. Chris Sanders

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    :D :D :D
  13. JR

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    Hi Skippy - i seem to remember you reminding all the girls at yorks co-op that their hair looked better "up" than down on stage! - and you were right...
    You are also right to call for some new ideas for uniforms both on and off stage - I'm a big advocate of the YBS, Scottish/Yorks Co-Op, Willebroek style waistcoat revolution - more bands are adopting this style e.g. Wire Brass. It looks smart, modern, work for both sexes and players benefit from the open neck freedom.
    For the New Zealand contest earlier this year, we went for the all black look (including conductor...) in the entertainment contest - it looked great.
    ....can't imagine Dyke changing though!

    John r
  14. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Dark suits for the men and anything all black for the ladies (and the not sure) is a great idea. Anything is better than the "Sgt Pepper" look that bands seem to insist on perpetuating! No wonder youngsters don't want to take up banding.
  15. skimbleshanks

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    I picked up a brochure for band uniforms and stand banners at one of the trade stands at the RAH. I thought they had some really nice stuff so I took it back to France and showed it to the guys and girls in the band we've just set up in Paris. They all thought that the uniforms were ridiculous and I got laughed into the ground :oops: ! We're probably going to have black trousers, black jacket and red or black shirt, no walking outs.

    I quite like the traditional banding uniform and walking out jackets and think it looks great on stage. However I agree that the ladies should have correctly tailored ladies jackets instead of mens jackets, and a blouse if they wish.

    Part of the problem is that if the jackets are not cleaned and looked after then they start to get scraggy, and when you get new people in the band they often get a jacket that doesn't fit properly and stinks of BO :eek: . A band with scraggy jackets that don't fit properly doesn't look good on stage.

    Must say that although I like YBS, I don't like their uniforms. Leyland where the only other band I saw at the finals that had "different" jackets and they looked alright.

    But hey, after however many centuries of playing cricket in whites, the one day matches have now exploded in colour (probably due to sponsorship). So for walking outs, how about football or rugby style shirts with your name, number (each seat having a number) and position on the back and band logo on the front. (expensive I know but different). You could even dream of a day when kids buy and swap stickers and fill in sticker albums of all the players in all the bands... :p Top Trumps with bands and players... :D And if contesting was organised like football matches? Weekly concerts with one band first half, the other band the second half and the adjudicators decided which band should be knocked out... :tongue:

    OK, I'll stop the daydreaming now.

    David Gosling​
    Principal Horn​
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  16. vonny

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    I have the same problem myself... bring on those lady -shaped jackets! :biggrin:
  17. GJG

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    Look here: http://blazerdepot.com/ - halfway down the page - purple blazers :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Seriously, (and I'm fully expecting to be shot down in flames by all the die-hard traditionalists, but what the hell ...) nobody seems to be asking the really important question, which is, why do we need "walking-out" uniforms anyway?

    Isn't it just another Victorian throwback, together with bellboy/hotel porter/circus band style uniforms that just makes the movement look laughably dated?

    I noticed at some of the proms concerts this year that many professional orchestras are modernising their concert dress, incorporating waistcoat/open-neck shirt style dress in favour of traditional tailcoats; as JR pointed out, some top bands are moving in this direction already.

    So far as my band is concerned, once we're off-stage we can't wait to get changed into whatever casual dress is preferred (whether it be jeans & t-shirt, or 3-piece suit; it's an individual choice.) and get into the bar. The idea of relaxing in blazers/collars/ties etc. is laughable. Personally, I wouldn't even consider playing in a band that tried to enforce any kind of off-stage dress code. I would prefer to think that I was being welcomed into the band on account of my playing ability, rather than my ability to look good in blazer and flannels.

    More seriously still, I am disturbed that in these times when a majority of bands are experiencing difficulties with funding people are prepared to spend quite large amounts of money on uniforms, when the money could be better spent on new music/instruments/percussion equipment. Particularly, we often see posts on tMP complaining about the cost of acquiring percussion equipment for more modern testpieces, yet bands are still prepared to spend the money on unnecessary uniforms. Surely some rethink of priorities is in order.

  18. nickjones

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    We have the Cory band to thank for the concept of an off stage uniform...I am sure during the 1950's to keep up with the Male Voice Choirs in the Rhondda ( keeping up with the Joneses so to speak ) , and It caught on like Wildfire....
    If everyone is in the same offstage uniform it can look good , gives the band an identity , also gives other bands an idea of who you are , other banders do squint and try and read the badge on your offstage uniform and tie.
    At Beaumaris we have a tailored suit and wear a black shirt , no tie. It's a relaxed feel ,no military style jacket anymore , we do have the red circus jacket which we wear now and again , last time we wore the jackets was the 2004 Grand Shield. If we have a concert at Bangor Uni or a formal job we will wear white shirts and Bow Tie with the black suit.
  19. sterlingsop

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    I'd settle for being a jacket-shaped lady :(
  20. PeterBale

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    I think there are times when you want to be seen as a band, but not wanting to wear your concert jackets. We've had a set of jumpers with the band logo for several years, and have recently supplemented those with a set of polo shirts. They were very useful on our visit to Holland, when we were being taken out as an official group, but knew we wouldn't have much time to change before the concert.