What about the hottest??

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  1. Rodney

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    Hi boys and girls,

    Following on from the thread about what was the wettest conditions you've played in (wow...some of you have just about been drowned), this is 'How Hot Has it Been'.

    So to start things off, my band did a street march in a parade a few weeks before the Nationals and the temperature was something like 39 degrees. At the end, some of us were pouring cold water over ourselves :eek:


  2. yank67

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    I did a parade for Mickey Mouse in Florida. Mid August 109*F 100% humidity.
    Being a Drum and Bugle corps from up north in the states we had nice warm wool uniforms. I passed out at the end and had to go to the hospital.
  3. Matt Lawson

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    On stage at the Dolphin Centre in Darlington for the 2002 area. The heating and lighting was on full blast, and unfortunately caused one of our soloists to black out in a solo section. Not a pleasant experience for any of us to endure heat like that on the contest stage.
  4. millie6589

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    We did a charity thing in the middle of a cricket pitch, there was no shade at all and we were out there for 4 hours in the scorching sun. i got heat stroke and fainted. this also happened to me when doing a big christmas carol concert at york barbican centre, we were on the stage for hours, cant remember how long but it was so hot that i fainted at the end..again..:oops:
  5. When I was in our regional youth band our concert was probably the hottest I've played, as well as being the longest! There is always someone who faints. The heating is always on in the hall too for some reason considering we play in like June :confused: its always a fun concert though.
  6. JR

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    hot or what

    Easy - Cambridge 1992 on Cambridge Variations. (No subsequent contest comes close)

    Even hotter than Singapore outside the High Commissioner's residence - and that was hot. Mind you, the 4 cups of tea I drank at half time didnt help.
    It didnt seem to bother Carolyn "Rambo Chick" who played her solo note perfect and I remember Ben "Jesus" Smailes on euph got his top C at the end of Rule Brittania - then keeled over.

    John R
  7. BbBill

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    Last 2 YABB concerts in Toronto with Weston Silver Band (2005 & 2007) different halls but both air-cons didnt work, so at least 90 degrees, full lights and some of us were wearing kilts!!

    As soon as we played the national anthem, the sweat was pouring off everybody, and in typical Yabb concert style, the 1st half was 90min as well!!!
  8. Scotty

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    Yes i almost died!!
  9. andyp

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    Have been on a few summer walking days where all you could hear between marches is the "squelch, squelch" of 24 pairs of feet in melted tarmac, like extra percussion!
  10. Hells Bones

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    When I did my grade 8 trombone exam, it was so hot in that ****** room I had sweat dripping off my nose by the end of the first piece. The examiner was nice though, she got me a glass of water :tup
  11. leisa

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    French Open definatly! I thought i was going to pass out on stage!
  12. WoodenFlugel

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    Many years ago I did a recording with a band at a studio in the middle of a residential area. To help reduce the noise emissions the studio had triple-glazed windows as well as several tonnes of sand on the roof. We picked the hottest day of the year to do this recording, and obviously having air-con and fans running was a no-no, so we had to sweat through a take for a couple of minutes, before we all piled out for some fresh air and cool water at the end of every take. Given it was about 30 degrees outside and very sunny the temperature inside must have been troubling the 40 degree mark.
  13. weenie

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    Did a tour to Thailand with Desford a couple of years ago and I've never known heat like it when I've played before (complete with jackets).........and that was at night!! It must have been in the 40's.
  14. DanB

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    Definitely a marching and bull-fighting festival we some how ended up playing in near Biarritz on Spain / France border a couple of Augusts ago. Full uniform marching for about 4 hours (unusually for me, I'm not exaggerating on this occassion) in the high 30s... Followed by a concert (standing up) in a bull ring with fresh blood on the sand under our feet... Many green faces around the stands!!! A bizarre weekend!
  15. Baritonedeaf

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    The NMYBB did a number of VERY hot concerts in Jamaica on our tour there. No idea how hot it was - thankfully it was October, or we might have died.
  16. ian perks

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    About 3 years ago we did a job at a local venue;
    It was burn your eyes out stuff ;
    Anyway i knew the sun was going to catch you and burn so i put a load of sun cream on just before we started playing a few in the band looked at me very:confused: .
    Anyway the sun got hotter so i just kept on putting on the sun cream.
    At the end of the end of the concert a few of them wished they had put some sun cream on them :biggrin: .
    I will say no more i will let you guess the rest;)
  17. Thirteen Ball

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    If Cambridge in '92 was hotter than that, John, it must've been like the seventh circle of dante's inferno. I remember playing in Singapore too and having to throw cold water over my valve casings to stop the valve oil evaporating on contact!

    Correct on both counts again, although I think Ben's keeling over may have also owed something to a stinking hangover from the night before...

    That was an amazing gig. Although I doubt I was the only one who appreciated the irony of sitting under that magnificent ex-colonial balcony, engraved with the words which, if I recall correctly said something like "May this spot remain forever england" with everyone waving their union flags and clapping along... to the Lufwaffe march from 'Battle of Britain,' Aces High!!
  18. leisa

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    They froze to death?!?! :-?
  19. Kerwintootle

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    Desford in Asia last year, the last concert in Bangok was extreme and also nearly every Masters, Paganini at the Masters 1997 is the hottest I can remember.
  20. Mrs Fruity

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    The Rodahal in Kerkrade at the 2005 World Championships. I've NEVER been so hot in my life, even in Matmata, Tunisia (where it was 48 degrees C). Probably due to Mr Handley's best worsted (or are they wool gabardine??) tunics and a lack of air-con.