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    My neighbour is a headmistress at a primary school in Wythenshaw. With kids, generally and even more so in areas such as Wythenshaw, recieving so much bad press I thought I would share this with you all.

    A player from Silk Brass had a Cornet Stolen. A primary aged kid found he Cornet dumped in Wythenshaw and took the Cornet to school to say he had found it. Luckily the Cornet had a label or sticker to make idenitfiable as belonging to Silk Brass. The band was contacted and the Cornet returned.

    Who said honesty and morals were dead?
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    i work on a project in Wythenshawe which supports parents and families of the children ni the schools, and although there are good and bad in every area, the majority are good. Wythenshawe has mostly had "bad press", and is tainted with the label of a "scally" culture, it is now on the up, and with the recent regeneration, new private affordable housing, and increased opportunities in education is turning the corner.

    It's heartening to see that the "new" generation has honesty and integrity. - Full marks to that child -

    Great news for the recovery of the cornet for Silk Bass!

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    I also work in Wythenshawe, and have to agree that whilst the area is a bit of a dump, the occupants are on the whole pretty good and it's nice to see some good news connected with the area!
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    Hi Rachel,

    It was my cornet that was stolen along with other things during a burglary.
    I’m indebted to the young boy who found the cornet while on his way to school, and thankful that he had the honesty and integrity to take it to the school and hand it in to a teacher.
    As a result, the young boy told me where he found the cornet, and just around the corner from there I found my car parked up that had also been stolen. I believe the police have since arrested somebody.

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    Hi Tim :) When our neighbour told me I said I knew a guy who plays Cornet from Silk. Such a small world eh? Thanks for helping us out again the other day and remember BBQ is tommorrow if you are free! PM me if you don't have my address. See you soon.