What a journey tomorrow... (Sun)

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    My daughter has managed to get into the Gwent Dragons U15's girls rugby squad (even though she's only 12) and they have their first match of the season tomorrow (Sunday)....all the way up to Caernarfon!!!

    So, we're leaving early in the morning for the 4 hour drive for a 1:00pm kick off - rain is fine, but I just hope to god the match isn't called off due to water on the pitch.
  2. dyl

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    Hey, you'll get an idea of how it feels for us to travel down to the Areas! ;)

    Weather's not too bad up here at the minute John - just a slight drizzle.
  3. Nuke

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    congrats to your daughter for getting in to the team.

    You'd have thought that they would keep junior teams to a more local area league say within so many miles but I suppose that depends on the saturation of teams in the area.

    Let us know how many 4 hour trips you do before you start going to every other game instead of every one.
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    Congratulations to your daughter. I have no idea what Rugby is, but it sounds like she is successful at it.
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    It really is quite a journey. Last month I had a similar journey to bring my son to music college - Holyhead to Cardiff. On the way there I went the short, slow route through very nice countryside. On the way back, I went by the long, slow route - by the motorway. At least I didn't have to do the return journey on the same day, although I had the extra bit between Belfast and Dublin.
    Congratulations to your daughter.
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    Think American football - but you don't wear pads and can't pass forward. (Only 'Laterals' are allowed to use NFL parlance...) There's no yardage, downs etc. and the ball doesn't go dead if it's dropped.

    When a tackle is made, play doesn't stop. The ball carrier has to let go and all their team-mates pile in to protect the ball while someone else picks it up and passes it out sideways again and then you start again.

    It's a flippin tough game - but being tough alone is not enough. It requires a lot of skill and intelligence. At the top level of Men's rugby, just about the whole team will look like Linebackers to you!

    Congrats to your daughter John. When I was at school (probably about the time your daughter was born) the girls weren't even allowed to play rugby - so it's great to hear attitudes are changing.
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    That's one hell of a trip for a game of rugger mate. Not too many caravans this time of year although it's half term round here. Take it easy and good luck for the game


    Jules (ex prop)
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    Errrm, John - the way the weather's been like up here today, I'd bring some wellies if I were you!
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    Dyl, shouldn't you be tucked in bed and getting an early kip for that gig at Pontins? :rolleyes:
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    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Just about to get Heather to the stadium for her to get the coach with the rest of her team (and the U18's too), and we'll leave in another hour in the car.

    @ Richard - Heather plays in a local league also, and has many games closer to home. This is a 'county' type game; the Gwent Dragons are the main side in Gwent, akin to the other Welsh county type teams such as the Ospreys, Scarlets et al. The local town side here is Newport, they play at the same stadium as the Dragons, but in a lesser league (though I prefer watching Newport play rather than the Dragons - it's grittier and dirtier!!). Anyway... Heather attended the Gwent Dragons summer school training sessions in the summer holidays, and was subsequently picked for the Dragons U15's development squad.

    I'll post an update later...
  12. Thirteen Ball

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    I should have just said "Tough game involving lots of tackling and getting very muddy" shouldn't I? ;)
  13. Independent Silver Band

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    No, I really did enjoy reading the explanation, although this quote is succinct. It is ridiculous that I know as little about American football as I do since I was in marching bands in high school and college. I had heard the name rugby, but didn't know what type of game it was.

    Back to topic. GO HEATHER . Let us know how it goes John.
  14. Nuke

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    You should go and watch USA rugby team Independent Silver. To be fair I didn't know about american football until I went to watch OSU play San Diego state a few years back with some friends so you arent the only one.

    @John. So it's like she's playing for a county side. Thats awesome. Maybe one day the national womens side. You didn't think that getting her to do something safer like play in a brass band was a good idea?

    Edit: Did they manage to win the game after all that travelling that you did? I spent all day pulling up carpets so it better be good news.
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    I didn't know there was one. I had to go to every football game in four years of high school., and five years of college, to march in the band, and I had four brothers who played football, but I never learned anything about it. I was more interested in the cheerleaders.
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    A man after my own heart! ;)
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    You dusting off the pom-poms for William, Andi?
  19. TheMusicMan

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    Hi Rich

    Wehey... they certainly did. The Dragons won by 19 - 25 and Heather, bless her cotton socks, played an absolute blinder. She was by far the youngest and smallest on the field, but she gave it her all and I'd say has as good as nailed her place in next weekends game against the Scarlets.

    It's not a good shot, as Heather was very close to me when I took this one (and I had a zoom lens on camera) - but here's one of Heather taking out a player on the opposition a lot bigger than her!!

  20. Di

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    Great stuff, well done Hev! :clap::biggrin: