What a classic design: you cannot fault Apple eh

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by TheMusicMan, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. TheMusicMan

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  2. dyl

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    Certainly looks the part - but as a phone I'd have to be convinced of its ease of use - particulalry when texting. Battery life is a bit dodgy too - 5 hours is being quoted? But it does look amazing I have to say.......
  3. DaveR

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    It looks good - I don't want one though! :)
  4. Bungle

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    It will be fine until the network suppliers tinker with the software like they do to the Nokias, then they will crash/lockup. I see It's running OS X rather than Windows Mobile operating system.
  5. dyl

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    Well it is an Apple product! ;)
  6. MarkGillatt

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    But, at a reported starting price of £350 :eek: for the 4Gb model, I think it is w..a..y.. overpriced. It would have to perform miracles to make me part with that amount of cash. If it came free with a phone contract I may consider it. Also, is the memory up-gradeable? can you insert some sort of SD card to increase the storage? It will probably be another "locked" device that apple seem to favour. "You vill have zis or nossing!"
  7. DaveR

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    Why would you need more than 4Gb? :confused:
  8. MarkGillatt

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    If this device holds a local copy of your e-mails, you'd be surprised at how quickly you will run out of space! It is also being touted as a music video player 30-40Mb a time. Believe me 4GB will not seem that much after a couple of months use.
  9. TheMusicMan

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    I agree, and I'd suggest Apple up the size of the HD to their current iPod offerings before it to be taken as seriously as they'd like.
  10. dyl

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    I'm pretty sure the reason for the 'smallish' storage size is the fact that it doesn't have a HD but relies on Flash memeory like the iPod Nano?
  11. MarkGillatt

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    But there's the point. They don't want it to compete against their Ipod, they want to compete against Nokia and Motorola. The larger 8GB model is $600, which for a phone, (whatever else it does it is still a phone) is scandalous.
  12. DaveR

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    You obviously get more emails than I do! :eek:

    The whole of the data (not software) on my laptop is only about 2Gb, and that includes about 400 photos!
  13. timbloke

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    I'd love one, cos it is a gadget and gadgets are good, but I don't see the advantage of an all in one gadget that is not as good at any particular thing. A bit of a jack of all trades, master of none.

    Phone, organiser etc. (£50)
    My SonyEricsson phone now has reasonable internet access (as good as i need, maybe not as good as the iPhone), it has decent battery life and capacity for contacts probably as good as the iPhone. It also has a calendar which I can sync with my PC and keep up to date with which bands i'm depping for and when!

    Mp3 player (£120)
    My iPod (nano) is very nice, compact, easy to use and has enough memory to store enough music that I only need to change it every couple of weeks to not be bored of listening to the same songs.

    Camera (£200)
    My Fuji digital camera, although a couple of years old, is still fantastic, has a decent lens and produces good quality pictures. It is also fairly compact so I could take it with me most of the time if I wanted. It will certainly produce better pictures than the iPhone.

    The approximate cost of them all is less than £400 and probably not much more than the iPhone. So yes I would like it cos it'd be cool, but I'd prefer to keep things simple and separate. Also having things separate means if I want to upgrade or change something I can, with ease and without losing too much money.

    Final thought though, is that the technology they are using looks really good (the multi touch and rotating automatically etc.) and it'll be good to see it used on other phones, iPods and even computers.
  14. DaveR

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    That's exactly the reason why I don't want one - why would I want to carry all the technology around with me all the time?

    I too have a camera which will take far better photos. I had a real struggle last time I bought a mobile phone to get one without a camera. They tried to get me to take a free upgrade last month but I refused because I like my little old camera-less phone. (So they sent me a cheque for 40 quid instead! :biggrin:)

    A phone should be a phone, and a camera should be a camera. If I wanted an iPod, I'd buy one.
  15. Anno Draconis

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    Especially as you can guarantee that Nokia and Motorola will have something similar on the market pretty quick for half the price. And they've been making phones for years. I'd worry about buying something that gets as much hammer as a mobile phone from Apple until they've had 6-8 months to iron out the bugs, and fix the bits that drop off it. Apple are a world-leading R&D company, but there are times when their component supply chain isn't so hot.

    PS I'd be interested to see how they've scaled down OSX for a mobile device
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  16. brassneck

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    It looks an awkward size don't you think? If it was even the same height and width of an iPod then I would maybe consider!
  17. gateway

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    Biggest problem with this new offering is that it doesn't support 3G, so not very good for the price.
  18. SuperMosh

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  19. johnmartin

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    I'm a huge Apple fan but I was largely underwhelmed by the whole of Steves keynote at MacWorld. I won't be buying an iPhone because I don't need one. What I really want is a proper widescreen iPod that will play movies and not the halfway house we currently have which is a music player with video functionality tacked on.

    The Apple TV did interest me though and I will look further at one of those.
  20. NeilW

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    As has been said, I think it will loose out outside North America because it isn't 3G.

    Shame it doesn't have a touch-wheel like the other iPods - someone could have implemented rotary dialling :eek:

    I bet it'll still have the nasty proprietory access method for its music (got my son an iPod Nano for Christmas, and found it just so much more complicated to copy music to than my iRiver, which just looks like an external hard drive. iTunes is just so slow to do everything! RealPlayer is better, but still clumsy)

    I suspect Apple will take a serious mauling from Cisco as Cisco/Linksys have shipping product called the iPhone. Sounds like Apple couldn't be bothered to negotitate licensing the name. (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/01/11/cisco_sues_iphone/). I wonder how long before Apple Corps Ltd have another go at them for removing the "Computer" bit from their name too...

    Getting OSX technology onto the platform probably won't have been too tricky: the Sharp Zaurus was running a Linux version (ok, I think OSX has a BSD foundation, but is similar...) more than 5 years ago.

    I wonder how long before we have to do an Anti-Virus product for the Apple Phone...?