Whaley Bridge Band - Sponsorship Renewal with Double Delight

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    Whaley Bridge Band is delighted to announce that Bill and Lynne Wilson of Cedar Finance have agreed to a further 12months sponsorship for the band. To make the news even sweeter the amount of the sponsorship is to be doubled.
    Speaking for the Band, Musical Director Marcus Jones said “in the current climes we are delighted that Cedar Finance has agreed to support the band for a further 12 months, but for them to agree to double their input is truly astounding. We are very aware that corporate sponsorships are few and far between and that many a higher section band would be envious.”
    The support received has helped the band with their ongoing projects for re-growth. In 2008 the band was down to just 9 members, but now has 33. The senior band is still actively seeking new experienced players and would specifically like to hear from Trombone players. The development of the bands own learner section, which now boasts a band of 22 and several other more raw learners, has been the jewel in the crown. This learner section has been developed with an emphasis on traditional brass band values, and both bands act as a family, with some of the seniors helping the learners and many parents following their children’s example of starting to learn.
    Mr Wilson of Cedar Finance stated “when we first agreed to support the band we saw the potential and drive that they had. That potential is now beginning to show. We hope that by further supporting them the building blocks they have put in place will continue to develop to an even brighter future.”
    The band has a busy year ahead starting with a concert for the local cancer charity “Daniels Light” on the 14th May and two further concerts for charity planned for later in the year on top of their normal engagements. Further details can be found on the bands web site www.whaleybridgeband.co.uk
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