Whaley Bridge Band - Bridging Past & Future

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  1. Soil Lover

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    High Peak
    High Peak band Whaley Bridge somewhat fell off the banding map following its highs of the 90’s (where it qualified for the 3rd Section National Finals 3 times), however it is hoping to “bridge the past with the future”.
    Following the appointment of its current MD Marcus Jones in September last year the band has looked to re-establish itself in the local area by undertaking many of the jobs it had allowed to drop off. It has also brought itself into the electronic era with the launch of a web site www.whaleybridgeband.co.uk
    The band has performed at several concerts through the start of the year, the highlight being a joint concert with the local school choir under the banner of “The West End Comes to Whaley” covering all the musicals from Mary Popins to Mamma Mia.
    In order to help continue its return the band is to hold an Open Day on Saturday 6th June at the Bowling Club in Whaley Bridge where it is inviting anybody that wishes to learn to play, does play or has played to join their banding "family". It is hoped that should there be sufficient interest the band will set up a learners evening as this will ensure the future of the band. Further details can be found on the band’s web site.
    During this re-build process the band truly appreciates all the help given by many friends from other local bands and hopes this will continue as it looks to continue its re-growth.
  2. BIG Paul

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    Manchester England
    I wish you luck with the band and hope that next weekend is a great success
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