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    ..... Anybody got them, or know where to find them ?

    It was the WBBA Contest held in Weymouth on Sat 4 Dec 2004, and either I'm being blind, or no results have been posted anywhere...

    Can you help ?


    Mark :D
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    Wessex Contest

    These are the top 3 from all the senior sections at the wessex contest on saturday.

    Section Three
    1) Ringwood and Burley
    2) Shaftsbury Town
    3) New Forest Brass

    Section Two
    1) Verwood Concert Brass
    2) Swindon Brass
    3) Weymouth Concert Brass

    Section One
    1) Ocean Brass
    2) Solent Concert
    3) Sherborne Town

    Championship Section
    1) Aldbourne
    2) Yeovil Town
    3) City of Bristol
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    Thanks James. :D
  4. MoominDave

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    What was the rest of the line-up in the top section? Good result for Aldbourne!
  5. Nigel Hall

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    Full results are now on 4barsrest.
  6. MoominDave

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    Unfortunately, there is an odd problem with my internet connection which means that I cannot access the 4barsrest.com domain (and specifically only that domain, for some reason). I presume it would be fairly simple to fix, but I haven't got around to doing so yet...
  7. Gig

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    Cut and Pasted from 4barsrest


    Full list of results as follows

    Results: Wessex Contest
    Melvin White and the Aldbourne Band come out on top at the Wessex Contest as Ocean, Verwood, Ringwood, Vectis and Test Valley also taste victory.

    Once again a large entry ensured a full days banding at the Wessex Association's annual contest held at The Pavilion Theatre, Weymouth on the 4th December 2004.

    The Adjudicators were :- Ian Brownbill (Championship, First, Second and Third)
    Peter Wise (Youth and Training)

    Championship :- Cloudcatcher Fells - John McCabe

    1. Aldbourne (Melvin White) - 189pts
    2. Yeovil Town (Major Ian McElligott) - 187pts
    3. City of Bristol (Andrew Jones) - 186pts
    4. Woodfalls Concert (Steve Dunster) - 185pts
    5. Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne) (Michael Knapton) - 182pts
    6. Poole Borough (Phil Randell) - 181pts
    7. Hyde (Nick Magor) - 180pts

    First Section :- Plantagenets - Edward Gregson

    1. Ocean Brass (Nick Grace) - 182pts
    2. Solent Concert (Wesley Garner) - 181pts
    3. Sherborne Town (David Bertie) - 179pts
    4. Fairlop Brass (Kevin Jordan) - 176pts
    5. Bendix Kingswood (David Shead) - 175pts
    6. Bath Spa (Dave Walker) - 174pts
    7. Gillingham Imperial (Eric Haines) - 173pts
    8. Corsham (Maria Fricker) - 172pts
    9. Downton (Roland Wright) - 171pts
    10.Denmead Brass - Withdrawn

    Second Section :- Hollywood - Goff Richards

    1. Verwood Concert - (Paul Norley) - 180pts
    2. Swindon Brass - (Francis Cowley) - 179pts
    3. Weymouth Concert - (Albert Davies) - 177pts
    4. Otterbourne Brass - Withdrawn

    Third Section :- Caledonian Journey - Alan Fernie

    1. Ringwood & Burley (David Randall) - 182pts
    2. Shaftesbury Town (Steve Hawkes) - 176pts
    3. New Forest Brass (Ian Luxford) - 175pts
    4. Christchurch & Highcliffe (Jayne Floyd) - 173pts
    5. Vectis Brass (Mary Teague) - 172pts
    6. Wilton & District (Dennis Chalk BEM) - 171pts
    7. Midsomer Norton & Radstock - Withdrawn

    Youth Section :- Own Choice

    1. Vectis Brass (Mary Teague) - 75pts
    2. Wilton & District Youth (Dennis Chalk BEM) - 74pts

    Training Section :- Own Choice

    1. Test Valley Brass Youth (Steve Large) - 84pts
    2. Hyde Training (Lloyd Bartlett) - 82pts
    3. Vectis Brass (Mary Teague) - 81pts
    4. North Wilts Training (Linda Diskette) - 80pts
    5. Downton Junior (Roland Wright) - 79pts

    Best Hymn Tune in Youth and Training Sections: Test Valley Brass Youth
    Angela Lowe Trophy for the best instrumentalist in Third Section: Solo Cornet - Ringwood & Burley
    Tom Gomersall Cup for the best Euphonium in Section One: Solo Euphonium - Sherborne Town
    James Winter Trophy for the best percussion section of the day: Aldbourne
    Conductors Trophy for most musical interpretation of score: Melvin White - Aldbourne
    Kevin Bolton Plaque for the best instrumentalist of the day: Spencer OLeary - City of Bristol

    The evening concert was given by Poole Borough, City of Bristol and Yeovil Town Band's

    Mike Knapton
    General Secretary Wessex Brass Band Association


  8. MoominDave

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    Cheers! A big congratulations to all the band, and also on your recent win in the 1st section at Leicester. Back to the top section for 2006, maybe?
  9. Gig

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    Yes, things are looking quite sweet at the moment so the 2006 thing looks quite good


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