We've yet to reach out to all online banders....

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by geordiecolin, Dec 16, 2004.

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    Just spotted this on the 4BR comments page. Particuarly interested in the last paragraph....

    "What good news in a week that saw the first band carolling in our supermarket and the rush for the areas starting! - 4BR full time!

    I am not paid or on a retainer from them (although open to offers) but I am sure am one of thousands of people regularly logging on straight away to find out what's what in banding. I am involved reasonably well in the scene, but enjoy 4BR more than the old fashioned way of writing in other publications and also like being able to have a say about current affairs.

    Long may it continue - don't get caught in the trap like others who change from "hobby status" to going full-time pro! - stay alert and fresh. Also why not start a questions and help needed page - I could be the first with a request - Where can I get hold of the band arrangement from the 2003 euro concert of Gabriel's Oboe for EEb Bass as played by Oysten? Silly money waiting.

    Gordon Eddison

    Perhaps someone should inform him of tmp! (and the fact that it's free!)
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    k x
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    indeed, anyone who's anyone knows about themouthpiece!

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