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    After much careful research, it has been discovered that the artist Vincent Van Gogh had many relatives.

    Among them were:

    His dizzy aunt... Verti Gogh

    The brother who ate prunes... Gotta Gogh

    The constipated uncle... Cant Gogh

    The brother who worked at a convenience store... Stopn Gogh

    The grandfather from Yugoslavia... U Gogh

    The cousin from Illinois... Chica Gogh

    His magician uncle... Wherediddit Gogh

    His Mexican cousin... Amee Gogh

    The Mexican cousin's American half brother... Grin Gogh

    The ballroom dancing aunt... Tan Gogh

    A sister who loved disco... Go Gogh

    The nephew who drove a stage coach... Wellsfar Gogh

    The bird lover uncle... Flamin Gogh

    His nephew psychoanalyst... . E. Gogh

    The fruit loving cousin... Man Gogh

    An aunt who taught positive thinking... Wayto Gogh

    The little bouncy nephew... Poe Gogh

    The hairdresser... Washan Gogh

    The marathon runner... Readysteady Gogh

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but I don't think so! :wink:
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    Nope, I don't think it's been posted before, either! ;)

    Another funny one though - especially:

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    As well as:

    The Mecca obsessive: Bin Gogh

    The restless one: Kumman Gogh

    The brother with personal hygiene problems: Ponn Gogh

    The Beatles fan: Rinn Gogh

    The dog lover: Dinn Gogh
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    I'd always wondered why I'd never met a dutchman called Greg, until someone pointed out how the dutch pronounce their g's........ :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Colin, whilst I'm regularly guilty of talking Double Dutch on this forum, my single Dutch is somewhat lacking, in other words.... (he says shame-facedly) I don't geddit! ;-) :lol: :lol:
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    didn't get any of them for a second there... was pronouncing it "Goff" instead of "Go"... :oops:
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    So was I :roll:
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    very good!