Weston-Super-Mare 2008 Podcasts

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    Updated Weston-Super-Mare 2008 Podcasts

    Weston-Super-Mare is just over a week away and once again the tMP team will be reporting live from the event.

    This topic will host live podcasts of the event so please subscribe to this topic to stay up-to-date with the day's events.

    We will be shortly setting up a link to re-direct you to the a live feed so that you can be notified of any live podcasts immediately.

    Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the day.
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    tMP's Podcast link is now up and running. Simply follow this link:


    All Podcasts should be added to iTunes over the next few days to which you should be able to subscribe. More details to follow.

    We hope you enjoy our Podcasts and wish all competing bands the very best of luck.
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    Podcasts now Live!

    The first Podcast of the day has been uploaded and is ready for your listening pleasure.

    Highlights and results of the 4th and 3rd section have been added.

    We hope you enjoy.

    theMouthPiece.com team - Live at Weston Super Mare
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    Final Podcast Uploaded

    Our final Podcast has been uploaded with an exclusive interview by Alan Macrae, conductor of Gillingham Silver Band who conducted Avalon Rhapsody by Colin Dance. A brand new piece and the first performance of this piece in a competition.

    We hope you enjoyed the day wherever you were. Thanks to all those that have supported us and well done to all the bands. It was a pleasure listening to all the bands competing today.

    We hope you have enjoyed the Podcasts and look forward to producing some more soon. Any feedback is welcome and I apologise in advance for my vocal talents, or lack of.

    Lets hope the high standard set this year continues next year.
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    hi chris,

    nice backing music, and great podcast sig tune.

    well done chris , looking forward to more podcasts