Westoe Brass Band named 'Volunteer of the Year'

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    Press Release from South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust:

    A Note to Remember – the Westoe Brass Band

    In 1993 the closure of Westoe Colliery was announced. When its Band’s future seemed in doubt the unique association with South Tyneside Health Care Trust began.

    2005 saw the fullest and most varied concert schedules ever with around 40 public performances ranging from small group Carol Services to full scale concerts. The Band continues to play at a range of Trust events both internally for patients, staff and visitors and, as mentioned previously externally as Trust Ambassadors at many South Tyneside venues including Fun Days, Fashion Shows and The League of Friends of South Tyneside Hospital Social Events. The Band has contributed hugely to the success of Sponsor-A-Bed Scheme helping raise monies for the funding of patients holidays, outings, activities and other additional benefits for our patients. Each of the 30 band members continued to give over 20 hours a week in practice time to ensure the band thrives and can continue in its unique way to support and help health care initiatives.

    The Reward and Recognition Presentations were held on Wednesday 23 November 2005 at the Customs House, Mill Dam, South Shields and included the Volunteer of the Year Award 2005 which was won by the Westoe Brass Band.

    To finally crown a highly successful year David Petherick the Bands’ Secretary was recently nominated for a Volunteer of the Year Award and has recently received a commemorative medal to mark the excellent partnerships the Westoe Brass Band has built with both South Tyneside Foundation Trust and many other organisations across South Tyneside.