West Yorkshire Fire Service Band welcomes HM Queen to Bradford

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    West Yorkshire Fire Service Band welcomes HM Queen to Bradford

    The Band of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (by kind permission of Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive Phil Toase, CBE BSc MCGI FIFireE ) played for the arrival of Her Majesty the Queen, at City Hall in Bradford, on Thursday 24th May. The event was hosted by Bradford Metropolitan Council, and Her Majesty, accompanied by HRH Prince Phillip, toured the planned site for ‘A Park at the Heart’, which will be a major redevelopment of the centre of Bradford.

    The WYFRS Band played to a packed Centenary Square, whilst the Royal party arrived in Bradford. Black Dyke Band provided stirring music whilst the Royal Party met WYFRS band members, and many well-wishers who turned-out to meet The Queen. This is the first time in many years that The Band of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service have had the honour of playing for Her Majesty the Queen, and our (brief) appearance on BBC television, along with Black Dyke Band, was something to which we are immensely proud.

    Anthony Malone
    Band Leader
    WYFRS band
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    Was this Queen wearing black Onyx earings ?
  3. Mr Malone

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    No Ian: as you and I know, there is only one 'Queen' who wears black onyx earrings, and he lives in Holt Park (is that where you live Ian?).

    Her Majesty was dressed in a burgundy dress, with matching coat and hat. As HM arrived in Centenary Square in Bradford, WYFRS Band were lined-up to greet her, and I believe that I caught The Queen’s eye, as she smiled and waved at me. Being the complete professional, I resisted the urge to wave back; however, when HRH The Duke of Edinburgh alighted from the Royal car, I broke all protocol and took a full-face photo of Prince Phillip: he posed, winked at me, and continued with the tour. Will my musical career get any better?

    p.s. I saw you Ian at the ASDA on Wednesday, looking around ladies dressing gowns. Best if we left it there!!!!

    A.K.A. Prince Phillip’s stalker
  4. iancwilx

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    I suppose you can now add to your CV:
    " By Appointment, winker to the Queens Consort"
  5. Trumpet Major

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    ''''Winker''''' ????

    Mwah Tony :)

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